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Welcome to Ellen T. Briggs School’s Home Page!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It's hard to believe we are in the final stretch of this school year! We have seen so much growth, both academically and socially from all our students this year! Our students have been busy learning and doing some exciting activities over the last month. Here are some examples:

Briggs School students and their families are participating in One School, One Book. We are reading Hank Zipzer, Day of the Iguana, written by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver.

Atlantic Healthy Schools came to Briggs School to do health lessons with each grade level class. In kindergarten, the lesson was called “Scrubby Bear” and centered around hand washing, in first grade students learned about, “Fun with Food Groups” and second grade classes participated in a lesson called, “Sometimes Foods and Switcheroos.”

The kindergartners have started their persuasive writing unit. They are writing about problems they see at school and how to fix them

First grade classes have begun their science unit on Matter and are performing various STEM experiments to explore and learn more about the topic.  Teachers are using Writing in Science to coordinate with the Language Arts program and continue teaching cross curriculum

Second Grade is preparing for the annual wax museum to be held on April 29th. Students have read biographies and made graphic organizers full of information about their person, which they then turn into a paragraph to be read, while in costume, to all the visitors at the wax museum.

Some upcoming events at Briggs School for the month of May:

May 12 - First Grade Concert, 10:00 AM and 1:30 PM
May 13 - First Grade Trip to Fosterfields
May 16 - Kindergarten Field Trip to Turtleback Zoo
             1st Grade Field Day
May 17 - 2nd Grade Field Day
              New Kindergarten Parents meeting, 7 PM
May 18 - New Kindergarten students orientation 9-10:45 or 12:30-2:15
May 19 - NED Show Assembly
May 20 - Kindergarten Field Day
              2nd Grade Field Trip to Liberty Science Center
May 26-31  Memorial Day break & snow day give back days


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