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Welcome to Arthur Stanlick School’s Home Page!

Happy New Year to all within our Arthur Stanlick School community!

On Wednesday, December 10th, the Arthur Stanlick School held its first annual TREP$ Marketplace.  TREP$, short for Entrepreneur, is a program where students learn the fundamentals of creating a business plan to launch their products or services to the public.  This after-school program, ran by Mrs. Morando and Mrs. Platz, was funded by the Consolidated PTA.  Forty-five 5th graders used math to answer profit and loss problems, estimate inventory and calculate business expenses.  They utilized language arts and spelling skills to write business plans, create advertisements, and problem-solve issues while working in teams.  The result was creative and innovative products and services sold during the Marketplace event.  Teachers, parents, and friends turned out for a fun night making the TREP$ Marketplace a huge success with many businesses selling out before the evening came to a close. 

The Fifth Grade Breakfast Book Club recently read the book, Wonder, by RJ Polacio.  The book was amazing and students had wonderful discussions.  The message of the book is kindness and coincides with the Bucket Filling program that is being implemented at Stanlick School.  Mrs. Platz and Mrs. Mathiasen would love to have all students of Stanlick School read this book.  Recently through our library classes, students discussed the theme of Wonder and all students were encouraged to read the book.  Every student who finishes reading Wonder will add their name to a paper chain and will be invited to a picnic lunch-bunch book discussion in the spring.  The library currently has a three-page waiting list for the book! 

Please be aware of the following upcoming events during the month of January: 

1/2 (Friday):      School Re-Opens for Students and Staff
School Closed. Professional Development for staff
Marking Period Ends

Thank you for visiting and please be sure to check out our Scrolling News for additional upcoming programs and events.  We at the Arthur Stanlick School wish you and yours a prosperous and joyful New Year.


K. Cooke