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TREPS Marketplace was an incredible success!  Thank you to all our young entrepreneurs and volunteers!

Book Club:   See Mrs. Ortense to pick up your books, and read them before the meeting dates.

4th Grade: 

Tuesday, January 27-Tale of Despereaux

5th grade: 

Monday, January 19-Babe & Me



Math Olympiads/Enrichment: 

  • Problem of the Month is due before the end of each month.  For example, January's problem is due no later than Monday, January 31.  Follow the link below to access the Problem of the Month.  www.moems.org/zinger.htm
  • Math Rules are due Thursday or Friday of each week!  Earn your Einstein Points!

Debate:  Complete constructive speech for mock debate.  Use articles for information.

Mock Trial Lawyers:  Read through witness testimony, highlight information you want the jury to hear, develop questions and complete pre-test

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