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     Dear Parents and Guardians:

    Although our efforts to remediate the mold issue at Cozy Lake have been met with some success, the mold continues to be an issue and we are unable to occupy the building until the issue is completely resolved.  I realize that this issue has caused inconvenience for many involved. Please understand that the mold issue is out of our control and we are doing everything possible to remediate the building to make it safe for our students and staff; their health and safety is our utmost concern.

    In an effort to keep students attending school and moving forward with the curriculum, the district has formulated a long-term plan.  We will re-enter the Cozy Lake school as soon as it is deemed safe and the classrooms have been reset. This may take the most of next week, or possibly beyond.

    All Cozy Lake classes will continue to meet at Milton until further notice.  In order to accommodate the additional number of students, our Preschool program at Milton will be moved.  We are in the process of working with Star of the Sea Church in Lake Hopatcong to relocate our Preschool students to that facility. In order to move all materials, furniture, and supplies to the church, we will need to cancel Preschool classes for the remainder of the week.  These days will be made up during the course of the school year. The Preschool program will begin on Monday, September 17th at Star of the Sea Church adjacent to Briggs Elementary School.

    The township has been very helpful in making sure that the facilities meet all safety requirements that are in place in our schools. The newer addition to the church provides us with much-needed space to run our full Preschool program.  The classrooms will be equipped with all of the materials necessary to meet the needs of your child. Classroom furniture, bathroom facilities, gym space, and rooms for speech and OT/PT services will all be provided. Breakfast and lunch will be available for full-day students.  The church will be staffed with a district nurse, custodian, and secretarial coverage.

    Preschool parents should be advised that their child may have a new drop off or pick up time starting Monday.  Transportation will send out an alert once the routes have been finalized.

    If parents need to contact the program at Star of the Sea, they should call 973-262-0306.  When dropping off or picking up your child, please use the gym lobby entrance toward the rear of the building.

    The administration, teachers from Cozy Lake, Milton, and Briggs have been working together to ensure that the students continue to progress in the curriculum as well as receive any supports and services as outlined in their IEPs.  

    Some of our community members expressed a willingness to donate classroom supplies.  I ask that you please wait until all classes are back in their regular rooms. The teachers will have a better idea of their needs at that time.

    I appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to resolve the issue.  I would like to thank all members of the Jefferson Township community for working together to support our students and staff.



    Jeanne Howe

    Superintendent of Schools