• Technology can be a valuable resource to enhance today's curriculum.  Please check this site periodically for a technology tip that could support student and teacher creation.  Each week a technology tip, useful website, or new resources will be posted. 

    Tip 1:  Language Arts – Check out www.storyjumper.com to create your own children’s book.

    Tip 2:  Language Arts – Check out www.spellingcity.com to enhance your vocabulary.

    Tip 3:  Helpful Sites – Check out The Nerdy Teacher BlogPoll Everywhere, and Screen Shots

    Tip 4:  Mystery Skype – Partner up with other teachers.  Have the students create a list of questions that will be used to guess the location of the other class.

    Tip 5:  News-O-Matic –  An interactive news app for children ages 6-10.  This app scans the current events for news-worthy yet age-appropriate stories.  There are stories about world news, sports, science, and more.  Each issue comes with five news stories complete with pictures, videos and illustrations.

    Tip 6:  Helpful Sites – Check out LearnZillion

    Tip 7:  Sight Word Assistance – Check out http://www.sightwords.com/sight-words/flash-cards/

    Tip 8:  Easiteach HELP - VideosTutorials

    Tip 9:  NEWSELA - https://newsela.com/articles/?category=kids  - Sign up to make it easy for all of your students to read the same information, but at their own reading level.

    Tip 10:  Plickers - https://www.plickers.com/ - App for Apple and Android to collect real-time assessment data.

    Tip 11:  Which One Doesn't Belong

    Tip 12:  Tools for today’s classroom – Located on the All Staff Drive/Technology 2018-2019

    Tip 13:  Helpful Sites – Math Manipulatives, Videos for Grades 7-12, and eBooks

    Tip 14:  Pics4Learning.com has been a resource for copyright-friendly images since 1999. With over 35,000  images, Pics4Learning is a great place to find images that will help you tell your story!

    Tip 15:  Create your own QR Code – The QR Code Generator

    Tip 16:  Great Math site for your Grades 1-8 https://www.prodigygame.com/

    Tip 17:  Have your students create graphs!

    Tip 18:  Solve Puzzles

    Tip 19:  Ideas and More - Located on the AllStaff Drive – Technology 2016-2017 Folder 

    Tip 20:  Videos - https://www.schooltube.com/http://www.brainpop.comhttp://www.brainpopjr.com

    Tip 21:  Discovery Education 

    Tip 22:  NASA

    Tip 23:  Language Arts - Read&WriteThink and Learning A-Z

    Tip 24:  Math - AAA Math, A Plus Math

    Tip 25:  Social Studies - BensguideTimeforKidsUS History, Geography

    Tip 26:  Science - National Geographic, WeatherEnchanted Learning and Edheads

    Tip 27:  Cloud Convert app in Google 

    Tip 28:  Use the Remind app for students and parents

    Tip 29:  Equatio for Mobile Devices https://youtu.be/CZ6eu4ZO7ok

    Tip 30:  Homework and Facts - Factmonster

    Tip 31:  Safe Search Engines - KidtopiaKid's SearchKiddle and GoGooligans

    Tip 32:  Free Photo Editing App - Aviary App

    Tip 33:  Free Audiobooks and eBooks - Loyal Books

    Tip 34:  Storybird a creative writing tool 

    Tip 35:  Student create flashcards 

    Tip 36:  Equatio - Math expressions easier to use on a computer

    Tip 37:  Google Read & Write Audio Maker - Save voice recordings

    Tip 38:  Dolphin App - Free reading app for readers with dyslexia, low vision or blindness

    Tip 39:  Google Draw - Access through Google Drive

    Tip 40:  Mindomo - An outline and mapping tool

    Tip 41:  Word Bank Universal Extension allows you to create and use word banks

    Tip 42:  TES teach - Create digital lessons

    Tip 43:  Microsoft Dictate App is for hands-free typing in Word and PowerPoint

    Tip 44:  Seeing AI App is a talking camera for the blind

    Tip 45:  Watch YouTube Videos Safely - Safe YouTube

    Tip 46:  Rewordify is a free online source that improves Reading

    Tip 47:  Chrome Store 

    Tip 48:  Turn off the Lights Chrome App dims background when showing videos

    Tip 49:  Google Similar Pages Chrome App discovers web pages similar to the page you are currently browsing

    Tip 50:  Search by image by right-clicking on the image

    Tip 51:  OpenDyslexic Font for Chrome App replaces fonts on web pages

    Tip 52:  One Tab Chrome App converts all tabs into a list 

    Tip 53:  Grammarly Chrome App enhances your written communication

    Tip 54:  Google Translate Chrome App translates entire web pages with one click

    Tip 55:  Google Keep Chrome App save notes

    Tip 56:  Google Dictionary Chrome App allows you to view definitions easily while you browse

    Tip 57:  Cite This For Me Chrome App automatically creates website citations

    Tip 58:  Awesome ScreenShot Chrome App captures a whole page or just a portion

    Tip 59:  Freckle Education for differentiated instruction in Math, ELA, SS and Science

    Tip 60:  K-5 Technology Activities

    Tip 61:  Math practice for grades K-5 (Free trial)  iknowit

    Tip 62:  eLearning https://ditchthattextbook.com/elearning-activities/#tab-con-20 or https://ditchthattextbook.com/elearning/