• Start Strong - Chroembook TestNav Application

    The Chromebook TestNav app can only be installed by your technology department.  To access it please follow the steps below:

    1. Power on the device, but do not log in.

    2. In the lower left of the screen, select Apps > TestNav to launch TestNav. 

    3. Select the appropriate icon for New Jersey on the home page.

      If New Jersey was selected before the test session, you see the Sign In page rather than the home page.

      1. If you are in the wrong test and need to select a different test, click the user drop-down menu at the upper-right of the page, and click Choose a different customer.

         Choose Customer

      2. Click the appropriate NJ icon for your test.

        Choose NJ

    4. Click on the Practice Tests link on the Sign in page to practice using the app.  Or use an authorization ticket to log in and begin testing.

    5. To shut down and exit when finished, hold down the Power button.