• Start Strong - Windows TestNav Application


    1. Power on the laptop and log in using your school account.

    2. Use one of the following options to launch the TestNav application:

      1. Click the TestNav icon on the taskbar

      2. Click in the Windows search filed at the bottom left and enter TestNav.  Find the TestNav icon and click on it.

      3. Click on the Windows Store icon on the taskbar.  Click on the TestNav icon and select launch or install.

    3. After the TestNav application loads, choose the appropriate icon for your test on the home page.  If your test was selected before the test session, you see the Sign In page rather than the home page.

      1. If you need to select a different test, click the user drop-down menu at the upper-right of the page, and click Choose a different customer.

         Choose Customer
      2. Click the appropriate icon for your test.

        Choose NJ

    4. Start a test to ensure that you can do so without error.  If you see a Practice Tests link on the Sign in page, click Practice Tests and start a test.

      If you do not see a Practice Tests link, use an authorization ticket to start a test.

    5. If none of the three options are available, click on the Windows Installation links in the menu to the left to complete the install.