• Dear Parents/Guardians, Faculty and Staff:

    Welcome to an exciting new school year! I hope everyone had a relaxing summer with family and friends, and is ready for new challenges and opportunities. I have news to share that is particularly significant to students and families in Jefferson Township. To ensure Jefferson Township Public Schools are able to equip and prepare our students for 21st Century Learning, the district will hold a bond referendum vote on Tuesday, October 2, 2018.

    Here are four things you should know about the referendum:

    1. The scope of the $9.935 million bond referendum was shaped by our recent strategic planning process, which identified the need for improvements and upgrades among the district’s facilities.
    2. The projects funded by the referendum would be eligible for up to 40% of state aid, but only if voters approve the referendumThis state funding would greatly reduce the impact on Jefferson Township taxpayers, but it is only available for projects included in the referendum.
    3. If passed, the referendum projects would provide for the necessary health and safety improvements such as new fire alarms, intercom systems, interior doors, flooring, roof repairs/replacement, exterior wall repairs, upgrading bathrooms, and asbestos removal and abatement. The projects also would further ensure student readiness for 21st Century Learning through the addition of:
      • Renovated science classrooms, a new technology lab, and renovated locker rooms at Jefferson Township High School (JTHS).
      • Renovated classrooms, a media center, and locker rooms at Jefferson Township Middle School (JTMS).
      • Makerspaces at JTHS, JTMS, Stanlick Elementary and White Rock Elementary. 
    4. In addition to state aid, there are additional fiscally sound and favorable financial factors that make this a good time for the referendum, including historically low-interest rates and relatively stable construction costs.

    Additional information will be available on our website (www.jefftwp.org), including detailed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

    As parents and guardians – and any faculty or staff who live in the township – it is particularly important that you are registered to vote by Tuesday, September 11, 2018, to be eligible to participate in the October 2nd referendum. A voter registration form is enclosed/attached. Forms also are available at the district office, at all of our schools, on the district website, and at the Morris County website. If you are already registered, there is no need to register again.

    Our students deserve facilities that will enable them to become 21st Century Learners – prepared and equipped for the workplace of tomorrow. Please register, and be certain to vote on October 2nd.



    Mrs. Jill Van Ness President, Board of Education

    Jefferson Township Public Schools