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Preschool Expansion Aid & Program Update

  • 10/18/2022 2:00:00 PM


    Over the summer, the Jefferson Township Board of Education (JTBOE) applied for Preschool Expansion Aid (PEA) through the State of New Jersey. In September we learned that Jefferson Township was not selected in the first round of districts to receive funding.


    The JTBOE reapplied for the Preschool Expansion Aid and expects to be notified of the status of our application in mid-November. If the funding is approved, this is what to expect:


    • PEA Program Anticipated Start Date: January 3, 2023.
    • 2022-2023 SY: (January-June) Ellen T. Briggs and Cozy Lake Elementary Schools will utilize existing space to accommodate the program. No students will be displaced as a result.
    • 2023-2024 SY: (September) First-grade sections will be relocated to White Rock and Arthur Stanlick Elementary Schools.


    As soon as our office is notified regarding the status of our application, the community will be informed. We are prepared as a district to put an Expanded Preschool Program in place as quickly as possible upon funding approval. However, please understand that the process is fluid.


    If you have any questions or concerns about the program or timelines, please contact the principal of the school where you reside: Mrs. Randi DeBrito at Ellen T. Briggs School for Lake Hopatcong or Dr. Timothy Plotts at Cozy Lake School in Oak Ridge.