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Preschool Program 2022-23

8/8/2022 3:00:00 PM

The Jefferson Township Board of Education (JTBOE) was recently notified of its eligibility to apply for grant funding that would enable the expansion of preschool services for children who are three or four years old before October 1, 2022, and reside in Jefferson Township. If the district’s application is accepted, this funding will allow our district to increase the number of students in a full-day preschool program at no cost to parents.

The JTBOE will be submitting an application for this funding and notice will be provided by the State of New Jersey in early September if funding will or will not be available. 

If the district receives the funding, it is expected that a program is in place on October 3, 2022.  We are preparing as if we will be awarded the funding as there is a very short turnaround time to implement the necessary changes.  If you are interested in your child attending the full-day program five days a week, please complete this application no later than August 26th.  At this time, there are a limited number of seats available, and priority will be given to students who:

  • Are currently enrolled in a half-day integrated program

  • Are on the waiting list for our half-day integrated program

  • Reside within the area of a school that has an open seat

  • Are eligible for free and reduced meals

  • Will be four years old before October 1, 2022

Students who are not already enrolled in the district’s preschool program and meet the above criteria will be entered into a lottery system due to the limited number of seats we have available.  Parents will be notified by September 7th if the district receives funding and if their child was selected to participate in the program.  

We understand that the State does not provide a large turnaround time for the changes that may take place, that is why we are giving you advance notice in the event that the district is awarded the funding.  

If you have any questions or concerns about the program or timelines, please contact the principal of the school where you reside; Ellen T. Briggs School for Lake Hopatcong or Cozy Lake School for Oak Ridge. 


Jeanne Howe