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  • Stanlick Faculty

    Mr. Kevin Lipton

    Ms. Lisa Kennedy

    Ms. Dale Gaul

    Ms. Lyndsay LaConti
    Guidance &
    Anti-Bullying Spec.

    Ms. Jane Hoffman
    Nurse, X5115

    School Hours:
    8:20 am - 2:50 pm

    121B East Shawnee Trail
    Wharton, NJ 07885
    (973) 663-0520

    Fax (973) 663-7854


    January, 2017




    “No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.” –Unknown (fortune cookie)


    Happy New Year To All 

    Happy New Year

    I am truly hoping that everyone had a great, relaxing and fun-filled winter break. As we return to school from break, it is amazing that we have only a few short weeks before the end of the second marking period.


    Some important dates for everyone to keep in mind for January:


    January 10           Harry Potter Book Club meets during recess

                                  Junior Women’s Club of Jefferson’s Spelling Bee (at JTMS)

    January 12           Spelling Bee- Snow Date (at JTMS)

    January 13           H.S. REBEL Club visiting fifth grade classes

                                  Fifth Grade Career Café

    January 16           No school for students- PD Day

    January 17           Fifth Grade Breakfast Book Club

    January 20           Fifth Grade Career Café

    January 23           Big Bad Wolf Trial (Mrs. Young)

    January 24           Big Bad Wolf Trial (Ms. Panka)

    January 25           Big Bad Wolf Trial (Mrs. Senney)

    January 26           Big Bad Wolf Trial (Mrs. Scognamiglio)

    January 27           Big Bad Wolf Trial (Mrs. McLoughlin)

                                  Fifth Grade Career Café

                                  End of M.P. 2


    Please remember that Jefferson Township Public Schools primarily uses e-mail to notify parents of school information through our automated information system. Please take time to check and update e-mail and all contact information in Realtime.


    Kevin Lipton



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Student Showcase

  • Happy Halloween!!



     Mrs. Decker's Class

    Mrs. Decker's Class



    Class Treats

    Mrs. Senney's Class Treats



    Stanlick School celebrated Red Ribbon Week!

    The third grade attended an assembly by Jack Elsmore to teach them about the bad effects of cigarettes. All grades received Halloween safety tips from Officer Hale. Following this, the fourth grade learned about drug, alcohol, and tobacco use by playing Family Feud with Officer Hale and Officer Davis. The fifth grade watched a program by the Morris County Sheriff's Office K-9 unit. Sheriff Officers Carbon and VanValen along with their partners Willie and Django visited. After this presentation, the fifth graders released environmentally friendly balloons with their pledges to remain drug free. Mrs. Wilsusen from the Jefferson Township Municipal Alliance recited the pledge for the students before they released them. Stanlick thanks the PTA for arranging all of these events. We also thank Mrs. Wilsusen, Mr. Elsmore, Jefferson Police Officers Hale and Davis, Sheriff Officers Carbone and VanValen, and especially Sherrif Officers Willie and Django.

      Jack Elsmore Teaching About Cigarette Smoking

     Jack Elsmore teaching about cigarette use.


    Sheriff Officers Carbone and Willie

     Sheriff Officers Carbone and Willie


    Sheriff Officers VanVeen and Django

    Sheriff Officers VanValen and Django


    Mrs. Wilsusen

    Mrs. Wilsusen from the Jefferson Township Municipal Alliance


    Fifth Grade Drug Free Balloon Pledge

    Fifth Grade Balloon Circle Drug Free Pledge


    Fifth Grade Balloons

    Fifthe Graders Release their Drug Free Pledges



    Beginning of the Year Student Work and Profiles

    Mrs. Decker's Class' Constitution  

    Ms. Breznak's Class


    Ms. Freitas' Class


    Mrs. Morando's Art Class


    Mrs. Senney's class


    Ms. Ohland's Class News