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    Welcome to the White Rock Elementary School guidance webpage!  

    Elementary school is an exciting time to be a parent.  You have been through pre-school and the challenges of caring for your child.  Now, as your child enters the elementary school years, he is beginning to develop a sense of who he is. Through both play and hard work, he is developing a sense of what he likes, what he does well, and what is important to him. Your reactions to and interactions with his interests and his learning will certainly shape his view of himself. 

    I am sure you are quickly learning that your son or daughter is no longer only shaped by you.  His sense of self is also molded by his peers and by his teachers.  He defines his abilities, his popularity, and his appearance by listening to and comparing himself with his peers. In the White Rock School, our school counselor will work closely with your children to help them develop a healthy perception of themselves, to believe in their competence and in their ability to learn.  In all of our elementary schools, each school counselor uses a variety of methods to teach your children and to help them become successful and responsible.  Whether teaching a classroom lesson, organizing an event like "Souper Bowl," or collaborating with teachers and other educators, you can be sure that our school counselors are putting your child's best interest first.  

    Enjoy the website.  There is a wealth of information here and most of it is accessible in the comfort of your home.  I encourage you to never let the internet take the place of your school counselor.  Please develop a relationship with the school counselor, keep in touch, and avail yourself of all they have to offer.

    Feel free to call our office anytime.

    Ms. Theresa Eskow
    School Counselor - Grades 3-5

    White Rock 973-697-2414 extension 5625

    Ms. Amy Yermal
    School Counselor - Grades 1-2
    ayermal@jefftwp.org (Mondays, Wednesday, Friday)

    White Rock 973-697-2414 extension 5672