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Welcome to White Rock!

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    Dr. Michael Valenti

    Mrs. Debbie Kalish
             Principal's Secretary        

             Mrs. Lorrie Kern           Part-time Secretary

               Miss Theresa Eskow           & Mrs. Dana Williams
    Guidance &
    Anti-Bullying Specialist 

    Mrs. Amanda Goldberg
    Nurse, X5613

    School Hours:
    8:30 am - 2:50 pm

    2 Francine Place
    Oak Ridge, NJ 07438
    (973) 697-2414
    Fax (973) 697-2049 


    Great Kindness Challenge Video

    All of our kids made pictures inspired by the song "All kinds of kinds" by Miranda Lambert. 
    Thanks to Miss Eskow for putting the project together!



    Veterans 2021 Presentation (music & pictures)

    Special thanks to Mr. Tiedemann, Ms. Kirscher, and Mr. Rothstein for putting the presentation together and doing such a great job!


    Congratulations to Patrick (and Mrs. Kallas)
    for Passing the Seeing Eye Exam!

    (Click to see a portion of his town walk)


    PatrickMrs. Kalish




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