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    Dear Middle School Parents and Guardians:

    Mrs. Howe sent out a message last week stating that the middle school students will be returning to synchronous learning on Wednesdays while maintaining cohorts.  We will continue the same cohort schedule for in-person learners that is currently in place for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and will be alternating cohorts on Wednesdays beginning with the Falcon cohort on Wednesday, May 19.  On your child’s non-cohort Wednesday, your child will need to log onto their classes virtually.   Wednesdays will be scheduled as follows:

    • May 19 - Falcons
    • May 26 - Jeffersons
    • June 2 - Falcons
    • June 9 - Jeffersons
    • June 16 - Falcons

    Our full-time virtual learners will be following the same full-day schedule that is currently in place five days per week.  Students in self-contained and ESL programs will attend in-person learning 5 days per week.

    The middle school programs currently running on Wednesdays will either be rescheduled or canceled.  If your child is participating in a Wednesday program, you will be getting further information from the teacher or staff member who is facilitating that program next week.

    Students who are currently taking health during the 4th marking period will have health on Fridays during their physical education class.  The students’ health teachers will be sending the full-time remote students and Jefferson students the link to live stream into the class with the in-person students.

    Thank you so much for your continued support and understanding this school year.  Please contact the middle school main office if you have any questions.


    Peggy Widgren

    Principal, JTMS


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