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    October, 2017


    “What day is it?”
    “It's today,” squeaked Piglet.
    “My favorite day,” said Pooh. 
    Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne 


    Throughout the year, we will recognize cultural heritage months. September 15-October 15 has been designated as National Hispanic Heritage Month. There are twenty countries in the western hemisphere that are predominantly Spanish speaking. Ten of our states were originally settled and owned by Spain and/or Mexico (after its independence from Spain). Approximately 16% of the U.S. population has Hispanic cultural roots and 13% of the U.S. population speaks Spanish as a first language. In order to celebrate and learn about the impact that Hispanic culture has had on America, daily announcements will be made in the morning. These announcements will include famous Hispanic Americans from politics, science, and entertainment. A few of these people include Cesar Chavez, Severo Ochoa, Franklin Chang-Diaz, Ritchie Valens, Selena, and Cameron Diaz. Announcements will also include cultural influences as well. These include identifying types of foods, dances, music, and holidays that Hispanic culture has introduced to the United States.


    On October 4th, we were privileged to have Booki Vivat come for an assembly. Booki Vivat is an author and illustrator. She talked to students about her inspirations and process for writing and illustrating her books. Her newest book, Frazzled, is currently available and some students pre-purchased the books so that Ms. Vivat could sign them before they were delivered to the students.


    Mrs. Platz, our enrichment teacher, has begun a new program of Trash Free Tuesdays. Mrs. Platz and Mrs. Hack went into each grades’ lunch on October 3rd to introduce the program. The school will separate our lunch waste into various containers including: trash, recyclables, compost, and liquids. Mrs. Platz and Mrs. Hack discussed ways students can reduce trash by using re-usable containers, washable utensils, and by making more of an effort to recycle. Mrs. Anderson’s fifth grade science class will be measuring the weight of the trash container each lunch (Tuesdays only) and charting the impact our program is having. Additionally, the school is looking into the possibility of acquiring a composter.


    The week of October 2nd was our annual Week of Respect. We had various activities and theme days going on to reinforce our School Safety Team’s theme for the year which is to “Choose Kindness”. On October 6th we had a visit from one of the members of the Harlem Wizards basketball team who also spoke about kindness.


    The week of October 23rd is Red Ribbon Week. This week, which is designed to promote healthy choices and to be drug free, will have a clothing theme each day. There will also be various assemblies and activities. These include police coming into classrooms to discuss the dangers of not following doctors’ and parents directions in regards to medication and drugs, Jack Elsmore presenting to the 3rd grade about tobacco, the Morris County Sheriff’s K-9 unit presenting to the 4th and 5th grade, and an environmentally friendly balloon release in which students pledge to make good choices. During this week, the JTPD will also discuss Halloween safety with our students.


    On October 16th we will have an assembly for Fire Prevention Month. The fire department will discuss how to help prevent fires, what to do in case of a fire in the home, and will also show the students some of the equipment used to fight fires.


    Upcoming Events:

    October 12- Literacy and Learning Parents’ Night (Stanlick Media Center)

    October 13- School Pictures

    October 16- Fire Prevention Assembly

    October 23- Red Ribbon Week- Police Assemblies

    October 24- Jack Elsmore presentation to 3rd grade on tobacco

    October 24- Early dismissal (1:20 PM-if parents picking up)

    October 25-Halloween Safety Presentation

    October 25- Harlem Wizards vs. JTPS Faculty (7:00 PM JTHS)

    October 27- Morris county Sheriff’s K-9 assembly and balloon release

    October 27- Literacy and Learning Patents’ Night (Stanlick Media Center)

    October 31- Halloween Parade and parties



    Kevin Lipton



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  • Happy Halloween!!



     Mrs. Decker's Class

    Mrs. Decker's Class



    Class Treats

    Mrs. Senney's Class Treats



    Stanlick School celebrated Red Ribbon Week!

    The third grade attended an assembly by Jack Elsmore to teach them about the bad effects of cigarettes. All grades received Halloween safety tips from Officer Hale. Following this, the fourth grade learned about drug, alcohol, and tobacco use by playing Family Feud with Officer Hale and Officer Davis. The fifth grade watched a program by the Morris County Sheriff's Office K-9 unit. Sheriff Officers Carbon and VanValen along with their partners Willie and Django visited. After this presentation, the fifth graders released environmentally friendly balloons with their pledges to remain drug free. Mrs. Wilsusen from the Jefferson Township Municipal Alliance recited the pledge for the students before they released them. Stanlick thanks the PTA for arranging all of these events. We also thank Mrs. Wilsusen, Mr. Elsmore, Jefferson Police Officers Hale and Davis, Sheriff Officers Carbone and VanValen, and especially Sherrif Officers Willie and Django.

      Jack Elsmore Teaching About Cigarette Smoking

     Jack Elsmore teaching about cigarette use.


    Sheriff Officers Carbone and Willie

     Sheriff Officers Carbone and Willie


    Sheriff Officers VanVeen and Django

    Sheriff Officers VanValen and Django


    Mrs. Wilsusen

    Mrs. Wilsusen from the Jefferson Township Municipal Alliance


    Fifth Grade Drug Free Balloon Pledge

    Fifth Grade Balloon Circle Drug Free Pledge


    Fifth Grade Balloons

    Fifthe Graders Release their Drug Free Pledges



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