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  • Please click here for an important announcement from our nurse's office. Thank you.

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  • I wanted to remind everyone that our students go outside for recess as long as the "Real Feel" temperature is around 30 degrees or above and it is not raining. We will sometimes go out if it is a light drizzle/mist and the temperature is warmer. We have noticed a lot of students that do not have appropriate clothing for colder temperatures. Unfortunately, we cannot make any indoor provisions for students that are not prepared for the weather conditions. Please make sure your child has a coat, gloves, a hat, and long pants each day.

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Welcome to Stanlick!

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    School Hours: 8:35 am - 3:00 pm

    Stanlick Early Closing (When Whole District Closes Early) 1:20 pm

    Stanlick Early Closing (When Only Elementary Close Early) 1:10 pm




    February, 2020


    Stanlick Celebrates

    African-American History Month,

    American Heart Month, and Wellness Week


    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.


    I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against.

    -Malcolm X



    As noted above February is both American Heart Month and African American History Moth. For American Heart Month, students will be attending an assembly regarding Jump Rope for Heart. The district’s recognition of Wellness Week also coincides with American Heart Month. During Wellness Week (24th-28th) students may participate in different programs that encourage healthy living. These include eating healthy, exercising, and taking part in competitions (to name a few). For more information on American Heart Month please see:


    As we have done in the past, daily announcements will be made regarding African History Month. Each announcement will contain a quote from a famous African American leader in our history and an important historic event. For examples of the quotes and historic events, please see the “School News” section of the Stanlick website. For more information on African American History month please see:,, and/or



    Chess Club and Yoga Club have started meeting during recess time (for those students that are interested).


    Fifth grade Project Challenge classes are folding their Big Bad Wolf Trials. During these lessons and trials, the fifth graders led by Mrs. Platz learn about the legal process, including what happens at criminal trials. Students assumed the roles of prosecuting and defense attorneys, witnesses, bailiffs, and jury. Mrs. Platz arranged for adults with practical courtroom experiences (judges, attorneys, police, etc.) to serve in the role of judges.


    The Chess Club hosted a tournament. Stanlick students did an exceptional job. Through this, our students learned more about chess and sportsmanship; they were able to meet students from other schools; and impressively, eight of our students took first place at their tables.


    I would like to continue to remind parents/guardians of a few items. Please remember….

    • That children go outside for recess as long as the “Real Feel” temperature is around 32 degrees (or above) and it is not raining. We have noticed a lot of students that do not have appropriate clothing for colder temperatures. Please make sure your child has a coat, gloves, and long pants with them.
    • To update the school of any change in contact information. This is very important as the cold, winter weather sets in to make sure that you are contacted in case of school closings
    • Children that are not taking buses in the morning should not be dropped off to school prior to 8:20 and must be dropped off no later than 8:35
    • To check the Parent Portal regularly. In addition to the “Gradebook”, I would ask you to please check the “Food Services” tab. Information on account balances, as well as recent purchases, can be found here.



    Upcoming Events:


    February 5- PTA Meeting

    February 6- Chess Tournament

    February 10-14- Fifth Grade Wolf Trials

    February 14- Valentine’s Day Parties (1:45PM)

    February 17- No School- Presidents’ Day

    February 24-28- Wellness Week

    February 25- Health Fair (Grade 3)




    Kevin Lipton







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School News

Student Showcase

  • Happy Halloween!!



     Mrs. Decker's Class

    Mrs. Decker's Class



    Class Treats

    Mrs. Senney's Class Treats



    Stanlick School celebrated Red Ribbon Week!

    The third grade attended an assembly by Jack Elsmore to teach them about the bad effects of cigarettes. All grades received Halloween safety tips from Officer Hale. Following this, the fourth grade learned about drug, alcohol, and tobacco use by playing Family Feud with Officer Hale and Officer Davis. The fifth grade watched a program by the Morris County Sheriff's Office K-9 unit. Sheriff Officers Carbon and VanValen along with their partners Willie and Django visited. After this presentation, the fifth graders released environmentally friendly balloons with their pledges to remain drug free. Mrs. Wilsusen from the Jefferson Township Municipal Alliance recited the pledge for the students before they released them. Stanlick thanks the PTA for arranging all of these events. We also thank Mrs. Wilsusen, Mr. Elsmore, Jefferson Police Officers Hale and Davis, Sheriff Officers Carbone and VanValen, and especially Sherrif Officers Willie and Django.

      Jack Elsmore Teaching About Cigarette Smoking

     Jack Elsmore teaching about cigarette use.


    Sheriff Officers Carbone and Willie

     Sheriff Officers Carbone and Willie


    Sheriff Officers VanVeen and Django

    Sheriff Officers VanValen and Django


    Mrs. Wilsusen

    Mrs. Wilsusen from the Jefferson Township Municipal Alliance


    Fifth Grade Drug Free Balloon Pledge

    Fifth Grade Balloon Circle Drug Free Pledge


    Fifth Grade Balloons

    Fifthe Graders Release their Drug Free Pledges



    Beginning of the Year Student Work and Profiles

    Mrs. Decker's Class' Constitution  

    Ms. Breznak's Class


    Ms. Freitas' Class


    Mrs. Morando's Art Class


    Mrs. Senney's class


    Ms. Ohland's Class News