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        Arthur Stanlick Elementary School

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    Dear Arthur Stanlick Elementary School Parents & Guardians, 

    I want to welcome you to the 2021-2022 school year! It is my sincere hope that you have been enjoying a summer filled with fun, relaxation, and rejuvenation with your families and friends. I am excited to serve the Jefferson Township School District as a principal and lead an exceptional staff to inspire students to achieve success in all of their academic and extracurricular pursuits.  

    As we begin to plan for the new academic school year, I would like to take this opportunity to share the core values that will guide the Arthur Stanlick school community. As educators we believe in our students and their ability to learn, grow, and thrive inside of our community as they are cared for and inspired by teachers who are committed to their success. To foster and sustain a positive school, we will support the academic, social, and emotional growth of all students, and we will celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of the students and staff within the school community. We will accomplish this through the implementation of PurposeFull People; a dynamic and engaging K-5 character education program at the start of the school year. 

    Our students have the distinct privilege of learning from a deeply passionate and caring staff who will engage through the integration of dynamic and well-researched instructional strategies, meaningful technology, and authentic learning experiences to enhance their comprehension and understanding of the knowledge and skills outlined in the district curricula. 

    I am excited to welcome our second grade teachers and students to the Arthur Stanlick Elementary School community. Additionally, I would like to welcome the following staff members to the Arthur Stanlick family:

    • Mrs. Bryna Hubert, 2nd Grade
    • Ms. Gabrielle Meade, 2nd Grade
    • Mrs. Katherine Uvino, 2nd Grade
    • Mrs. Ann Weaver, 2nd Grade
    • Ms. Emily Kaschak, 3rd Grade
    • Ms. Emily Incledon, 5th Grade
    • Ms. Kylie Nugent, 5th Grade
    • Mrs. Rebecca Keyser, BSI
    • Mrs. Dana Millar, BSI
    • Mr. Jerry Venturino, BSI
    • Ms. Danielle Bikofsky, Speech
    • Ms. Kristen Sibblies, School Psychologist 
    • Mrs. Liz West, 2nd Grade Counselor
    • Mrs. Donna Nimmo, Secretary

    As the start of the school year quickly approaches, I want to draw your attention to a few important dates. The JCPTA is sponsoring a scavenger hunt on Friday, September 3rd for our incoming 2nd grade students from 9AM-10AM and our 3rd grade students from 10AM-11AM. Fourth grade students who learned virtually throughout last school year are welcome to participate between 9AM-11AM. We are eagerly anticipating the first day of school as students return to five days a week of full-time instruction on Wednesday, September 8th. Additionally, the school supply list is displayed on the Arthur Stanlick website under the 21-22 School Year Information section. Please note that arrival time is 8:20AM-8:35AM, parent pick up will be from 2:45PM-2:55PM, and bus dismissal is scheduled for 2:55PM. Finally, Back to School Night is scheduled for Wednesday, September 29th. 

    Furthermore, as we prepare for the start of school I want to recognize the incredible accomplishments of our custodial, maintenance, buildings & grounds, and technology team as well as our secretarial staff for all of their hard work and dedication to the necessary preparations for the opening of school in September. 

    A letter will follow next week outlining the health & safety protocols and building routines and procedures for the 2021-2022 school year. Over the next few weeks, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions that you may have. I hope you have a wonderful final few weeks of summer and I am earnestly looking forward to an outstanding 21-22 school year.


    Danny Papa

    Principal - Arthur Stanlick Elementary School



      Dr. Daniel Papa

      Mrs. Lisa Kennedy
     Principal's Secretary

    Mrs. Donna Nimmo
    Part-time Secretary

      Miss Gina Santini
      School Counselor/
      Anti-Bullying Spec.

    Mrs. Liz West

    2nd Grade School Counselor, X5320

      Ms. Maureen Warden
      Nurse, X5115

      121B East Shawnee Trail  Wharton, NJ 07885

      Main: (973) 663-0520

      Fax: (973) 663-7854

    School Hours: 8:35 am - 3:00 pm

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Student Showcase

  • June Bravo Students of the Month

    Gr. 2

    Ryan T.

    Gavin G.

    Lyla S.

    Benjamon G.


    Tyler P.

    Kaylee G.

    Sierra C.

    Aubrey C.

    Sophia N.

    Gr. 4

    Adam P.

    Brianna K.

    Violeta B.

    McKenna H.

    Connor I.

    Gr. 5

    Deven G.

    Simon J.

    Lars G.

    Julianna T.

    Ashlyn K.

    May Bravo Students of the Month

    Gr. 2

    Logan D.

    Blake W.

    Anthony C.

    Santiago B.

    Gr. 3

    Trevor G.

    Brittany D.

    Kameron K.

    Kylie A.

    Blake C.

    Gr. 4 

    Jillian B.

    Sam C.

    Reign D.

    Mia M.

    Chloe S.

    Gr. 5

    Stella M.

    Muntaha M.

    Sabrina C.

    Ethan L.

    Rebecca K. 

    April Bravo Students of the Month

    Gr. 2

    Petter K.

    Ella G.

    Miles O.

    Michael M.

    Gr. 3

    Bella G.

    Jonathan R.

    Sebastian R.

    Chloe W.

    Moeez M. 

    Gr. 4

    Harper V.

    Payton W.

    Zayan M.

    Aaron K.

    Nathan P. 

    Gr. 5

    Yonus F.

    Isabella P.

    Tegan P.

    Scarlett B.

    Brianna C. 

    March Bravo Students of the Month


    Juan P.

    Gianna D.

    Evelyn B.

    Brittany W.

    Gr. 3 

    Nicholas H.

    Erika E.

    Liam C.

    Nolan C.

    Mary S.

    Gr. 4

    Cheyenne P.

    Hannah M.

    Kaylee L.

    Komronbek K.

    Kayleigh D.

    Gr. 5

    Casey C.

    Darius J.

    Liam Y.

    Christian R.

    Paige B.

    February Bravo Students of the Month

    Gr. 2

    Anderson F.

    Anaya A.

    Sophia B.

    Ayden K.

    Gr. 3

    Jason C.

    Zoey D.

    Imani G.

    Katarina S.

    Savannah F.

    Gr. 4

    Roy C.

    Morgan R.

    Nayely G.

    Riley Z.

    Frankie W.

    Gr. 5

    Ayla G.

    Reese M.

    Aubrey G.

    Aiden T.

    Fiona B.

    January Bravo Students of the Month 

    Gr. 2

    Dylan P.

    Alexa S.

    Chase L.

    Christopher M.

    Gr. 3

    Olivia S.

    Irael M.

    Harry N.

    Dany V.

    Jameson H.

    Gr. 4

    Olivia Z.

    Jesse M.

    Lily S.

    Mason D.

    Charley B.

    Gr. 5

    Krish M.

    Arianna D.

    Janice R.

    Jacob V.

    Hunter G. 

    December Bravo Students of the Month

    Gr. 2

    Rosalie A.

    Maya C. 

    Cate N. 

    Mackenzie S.

    Gr. 3

    Jordyn L.

    Lacey K.

    Kaia A.

    Alyssa S.

    Dominic D.

    Gr. 4 

    Chloe P. 

    Nidhi B. 

    Kendall M. 

    Jorie C. 

    Sophia S. 

    Gr. 5

    Jack L.

    Catherine J.

    Nicolette R.

    Ashrith M.

    Olivia F.

    November Bravo Students of the Month


    Ryan C. 

    Lana G. 

    Olivia M. 

    Hope V. 

    Gr. 3

    Abigail D.

    Aiden K.

    Dimitri R.

    Jeyko R.

    Vet V.

    Gr. 4 

    Wyatt J. 

    Kirsten M.

    Amy N. 

    Andres R. 

    Madison V. 

    Gr. 5

    Alexa B.

    Demian L.

    Logan R.

    Dominick R.

    Emily T.

    October Bravo Students of the Month

    Gr. 2   

    Gunner B. 

    Ryan C. 

    Dominico F. 

    Carmine R. 

    Gr. 3

    Anna B.

    Bailey B.

    Kira F.

    Riley M.

    Daniella W.

    Gr. 4 

    Jordan A. 

    Joseph A. 

    Felix G.

    Payton R.

    Eileen S.

    Gr. 5

    Madison C.

    Bryanna L.

    Lily M.

    Kelechi N.

    Jaya P.