About Us

  • Dear Parents & Students,

    Our school is located in scenic northern Morris County in an area that lies between Lake Hopatcong (New Jersey’s largest lake) and the Mahlon Dickerson reservation, which is part of the Morris County Park System. The school serves approximately 330 students in grades three through five. 

    Arthur Stanlick students are instructed in the four core academic classes of language arts (reading and writing), math, science, and social studies. In addition, the students education is balanced and rounded out with instruction in physical education, music (instrumental and vocal), visual arts, and world language. Technology education is embedded in all academic classes and each room has computers and interactive white boards in them. We also offer special enrichment programs such as Junior Great Books, Math Olympiad, and Debate. Students are offered exciting, high-interest extra-curricular programs such as Breakfast Book Club, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Book Clubs and Chess Club. Further, each year, students eagerly await and participate in annual activities such as the Invention/Science Fair, Poetry and Pancakes, and Trash-A-Mania events.

    Because we recognize that our children are much more than just students and that not all students learn, behave, or act the same way, we have an incredible support staff to assist the children. This support staff includes a guidance counselor; a child study team (CST) that includes a school psychologist, a social worker, a learning disability teacher consultant (LDTC), a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, and physical therapist; and special education teachers and aides. Our counselor and CST run school-based counseling sessions for individuals and small groups. Further our guidance counselor heads our Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS), 504 program, and our anti-bullying efforts. 

    The Parent-Teacher Association is committed to serve our school’s students and staff. They meet to discuss ways to promote our teaching and programs. The PTA raises and donates money to the school in the forms of providing mini-grants, guest speakers, recognition programs, the annual book fair, and activity nights. The school, PTA, and community share a vision to continually improve curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular programs.

    The school also welcomes and hosts many community events. The facilities are well-used by our local recreation programs, scouting programs, parent activities, and after school and summer child care. The school is very much a focal point within the Jefferson Township community. 

    Thank you for visiting our site and wishing all the very best,

    Kevin Lipton