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  • Dear Parents and Guardians,

    The summer is quickly winding down and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your children to Jefferson Township High School for the 2016-2017 school year. As the “Home of The Falcons” we look forward to seeing you at our Back-To-School Night on Thursday September 22nd at 7:00. 

    The high school facility has seen a lot of changes over the summer months.  As you enter the high school, you will notice that we have a brand new drop ceiling that has been installed in the hallway in front of the auditorium. New lights were installed in this ceiling, and it now offers a warmer and brighter feel as you enter the auditorium area.  The auditorium has also received a fresh coat of paint.  The ceilings, walls, and stage were all painted for a vibrant new look as we start the school year.  In the Freedom Gymnasium we have refurbished the gym floor utilizing our new falcon logo as the centerpiece.  The track is being repaired and resealed bringing up safety standards and aesthetics.  The stadium had a new sound system installed and is now ready for games, clubs, and events like graduation!

    Jefferson Township High School is excited to be housing a satellite academy starting this September 2016.  "The Academy for Environmental Studies" is a joint venture between Jefferson Township Public Schools and the Morris County School of Technology, and will provide students with scientific knowledge about the natural world while at the same time exploring the environmental, economic, and social aspects of these interactions and how they influence decision-making and policy.  Upon graduation, students will have the foundation needed to pursue a degree in environmental studies in preparation for one of the growing numbers of environmental careers in resource management, engineering, business, non-profit work, law, conservation, or education.  The first cohort of fifteen students is comprised of students from all over Morris County, as well as multiple students from Jefferson.  We welcome our new students to the Falcon Family and we look forward to their future accomplishments!

    Student achievement is the ultimate and underlying goal of all facets of education in Jefferson High School.  As we constantly strive to improve our student achievement we should note the accomplishments of our many outstanding students.  Jefferson has students who will be going to a wide range of colleges in the fall of 2016.  Through the dedicated efforts of outstanding teachers and the constant nurturing and support of parents both in school and at home, our students are performing academically at high levels.    JTHS has students attending institutions of higher education from Yale University in the Ivy League to state and local universities and colleges like Montclair just to name a few.  Jefferson has several notable students who through the Stars Program will be attending our local community colleges.  Jefferson should also be proud of our young men and women who will be entering the armed forces and for their choice of career in military services.  I would also like to acknowledge the recent graduates who have decided to enter the workforce and wish them continued success as they utilize the many skills learned in the Jefferson Public Schools.

    This year the student council will be bringing Service Nights to the high school.  Service Nights are an opportunity for students to get involved, make a difference, and earn valuable service hours. We plan to involve various charitable and student-led organizations; for instance, a Service Night may include students writing letters to active duty military members or completing a project for a local animal shelter.  We will be publicizing each Service Night and sharing the scheduled activity at school, and they will be held in the Upper-class Cafeteria from 5pm-7pm.  Please encourage your child to get involved in this valuable program as it will inspire philanthropy, generosity, and collaboration in our school. Should you have any questions please see Ms. Haupt, and Mrs. Schwimer who have brought forth this fantastic student council led initiative.

    The Jefferson Township High School Falcon Family would like to welcome the following newly hired and promoted staff to our school and district team:

    ·       Michelle Haupt, High School Assistant Principal for Student Leadership and School Climate

    ·       Blasia Madawar, High School English, Grade 9, Mythology

    ·       Chris Grau, High School World History, Grade 9, Sociology Grade 12

    ·       Erica Peluso, High School Math, Geometry, Algebra I, Algebra II Honors

    ·       Christine Malloy, High School Teacher of Spanish, Level 3 and 4 10th and 11th grades

    ·       Kaitlyn Bruneo, High School Special Education In-class support for English, grades 9, 11, & 12

    ·       Rebecca D’Alauro, High School Administrative Assistant, Main Office

    ·       Gerry Venturino, High School Head Football Coach, BSIP Reading Teacher, Briggs

    ·       Mary Ann Sauer, High School Nurse

    ·       Michael Fernandes, High School Athletic Trainer

    ·       Jennifer Wnuk, District Language Arts and Media Supervisor

    The Jefferson Township High School Student Handbook has been updated and revised for the 2016-2017 school year.  All of our summer mailing documents are accessible through the Realtime Parent Portal.  The documents on the parent portal provide a plethora of information for you and your child so that you may have a terrific school year.  Speaking of students I would also like to congratulate Alyssa Feldman and Samantha Novak who have been selected as student representatives for 2016-2017 board of education meetings. 

    I look forward to you and your child having a successful 2016-2017 school year.  Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the high school staff and myself for assistance throughout the school year.

    Continued Success in 2016/2017!

    Tim Plotts, Ed. D.


    Home of the Falcons