Role of the Counselor

  • Your school counselor's job is to:

    • Counsel individual students and small groups to help address identified issues.
    • Teach the guidance curriculum.
    • Consult with parents regarding concerns about their children.
    • Consult with teachers and administrators regarding students' needs.
    • Present and participate in workshops for parents, teachers, and community members.
    • Interpret test results with parents, students, and teachers.
    • Coordinate with school and community personnel to bring together resources for students.

    The goal of elementary school counseling is to lay the foundation for our youth to grow and become successful students and citizens - to take their place as the next generation of parents and leaders.  The foundation that our children build in the elementary grades serve as a base of skills that they will use to navigate the maze of adolescence.  It is the job of the elementary school counselor to provide the knowledge and support that helps students:

    • deal with diverse issues
    • develop positive decision-making skills
    • develop communication skills
    • enhance positive attitudes toward school, their peers and themselves.