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    MS Home Webpage: June 2019

    Thank you for visiting our school’s homepage.  The end of the year is fast approaching.  Our Middle School students are eagerly anticipating the final weeks of school and all the exciting activities ahead!

    During the past month, students have taken center stage engaging in exciting and rewarding learning activities at JTMS.  For example, students participated in a school-wide Clean Up Day sponsored by our Student Council and Peer Leadership Clubs, performed in both band and choral concerts as well as the Big Band Bash event, competed in Solar Sprints at Great Meadows Middle School and Unity Charter School, attended an overnight in Philadelphia, PA, visited the Sterling Mines, traveled to New York City, walked for Operation Safe Home, debated at the College of St. Elizabeth, participated in Teen Scene, presented at our Environmental Art Museum, and competed musically at Dorney Park, PA as well as enjoyed the amazing MS/HS PTA Carnival’s rides, games, and food.

    In addition, we are proud to announce that Jefferson Township Middle School students ranked nationally in the 84th annual Le Grand Concours, 2019 (a National French Contest).  Le Grand Concours is a national competition in which students were evaluated for their written, oral and listening comprehension skills in French.  More than 85,000 students in all 50 states competed in the 2019 event.  Below is a listing of our JTMS nationally ranked winners from Miss Kelsey Crowe’s Grade 7 students and Mrs. Marybeth Neuschatz’ Grade 8 students:

    Honorable Mention – Placed in the 50th to 69th national percentile:

    • Grade 7 students: Chiara Cocoziello, Gabriela Pedrao, Rhea Patel, Lianna Roy, and Phaedra Scholte
    • Grade 8 students: Adin Alexander, Veronica Cottone, and Emily Finkel

    Honorable Mention – Placed in the 70th national percentile:

    • Grade 7 students: Alexandra Seidman and Ujwal Thirunagari
    • Grade 8 students: Alia Daniel and Bailey Noel

    Bronze Medal – Placed in the 75th national percentile:

    • Grade 7 students: Brianna Vivas Arango and Victoria Wojtak
    • Grade 8 student: Megan Whitman

    Silver Medal – Placed in the 85th national percentile:

    • Grade 7 students: Zoey Szekula and Rohil Tailor 
    • Grade 8 students: Alyssa Cai, Fritz Salomon, and Hannah Schiavo

    Silver Medal – Placed in the 90th national percentile:

    • Grade 8 students: Nina Dhillon, Tanvi Mavani, and Gabriella Meltzer

    Congratulations to all our winning students!  Thank you for making us proud!

    Thank you for visiting and please be sure to review our webpage, on the left, for upcoming events, announcements, and activities for JTMS students.   In addition, please be sure to review your child’s progress in the Parent Portal as well as access your child’s food services account balance in the “Food Services” tab.  Thank you.

    From all of us at Jefferson Middle School, we wish our eighth graders much success at the High School and welcome new sixth graders and returning students on Thursday, September 5, 2019.

    Wishing you and your family a safe, relaxing and fun-filled summer! 


    Dr. Cooke



JTMS Showcase

  • Here are a few pictures from the JTMS Tri-M Honors trip today to Stanlick school to help the 3rd graders try out instruments that they will be choosing to study for next year.  The organization of the day by Mrs. Thomsen and the cooperation of all the 3rd grade teachers made for a fun day for all.  
    The JTMS students enjoyed working with the 3rd graders, eating lunch with them, and especially playing with them during recess! 

    Band  Band  Band  Band  Band  

    On behalf of the JTMS Tri-M honor society students, thank you to the White Rock teachers for a fun and organized day.  It was our pleasure to come meet the 3rd grade students and allow them to try out the band instruments.  The JTMS Tri-M students especially had fun mingling with the 3rd graders during recess and eating lunch together.

    music  music  music  music  music  music  

    Debate results

    32nd  Morris County Regional Debate Tournament  

    The College of St. Elizabeth

    May 30, 2019

    Congratulations go out to our Jefferson Debaters from Stanlick School, White Rock and the Middle School who competed in The Morris Area County Debates on May 30th , 2019 at the College of St. Elizabeth in New Jersey.  There were  8 districts that competed in this event.

    Because each district was only allowed 8 students from Junior Varsity to compete, Jefferson had a run off in our schools prior to the debate.  Our top 16 debaters (8 from elementary school and 8 from the Middle School) went to the debate in Morristown. 

    The following is the result of our debates.    

    1st  place Junior Varsity  Affirmative   JEFFERSON   Justin Brinck and Hannah Levine

    2nd place Junior Varsity Affirmative  -  Wharton

    3rd  place Junior Varsity Affirmative  - JEFFERSON      Emily Hollick /Madison Mathews

    4th place Junior Varsity Affirmative  - Mount Olive

    5th place Junior Varsity Affirmative – Mount Olive   


    1st place  Junior Varsity  Negative  JEFFERSON!  - Anmol Mehta and Bobby Nardone        * They earned a Perfect score: Only time this has ever happened in the  32 years of the competition

    2nd place Junior Varsity Negative  - Oakland  

    3rd  place Junior Varsity Negative  -JEFFERSON    Kyle Plunkett / Emmagrace Bartels

    4th place  Junior Varsity Negative – Oakland

    5th place Junior Varsity Negative – Mount Olive


    1st place  Varsity  Affirmative    -  Livingston

    2nd  place  Varsity Affirmative  -  Morris

    3rd  place  Varsity Affirmative  - JEFFERSON Fiona Bishop and Nina Dhillion

    4th  place Varsity Affirmative  -  Oakland  

    5th place Varsity Affirmative – Mount Olive


    1st place  Varsity  Negative   -  Morris

    2nd place Varsity Negative  - Livingston

    3rd  place Varsity Negative-   Livingston

    4th  place Varsity Negative  - JEFFERSON   Olivia Smith and Joshua Small

    5th place Varsity Negative – Mount Olive






    2019 Music Department Dorney Park

    Dorney  Dorney  Dorney  Dorney



     2019 Solar Sprint Competition

    Solar Sprint 3rd Place Winner  

    Mark Carrion - 3rd place for Speed in the District Competition

    SS  SS  SS  SS  SS  SS  SS  SS  ss  ss  ss  ss  ss  ss  

    Every Middle School from across Morris County present one 8th grade student as their recipient for the honor of the Morris County Middle School Leadership Award.

    On Wednesday night, May 1, 2019, the Morris County Superintendents honored each school’s recipient at a dinner ceremony in Whippany, NJ.  Students were honored for their actions and deeds that represent model citizenship and leadership in their respective school communities.  The students recognized, were those that demonstrated academic, extracurricular, and community leadership qualities.
    I am pleased to report that our Middle School’s 8th grade representative, Katelynn Peterson, did a fantastic job addressing a crowd of 230 people from across Morris County.  Katelynn accepted her award with grace and conveyed her love for our Jefferson Township Community. 

    Mrs. Howe, Superintendent of Schools, and I were proud and privileged to have shared in this special leadership award ceremony with Katelynn and her family. 

    Congratulations Katelynn on a job well done!

    Leadership Award

    Members of the JTMS Tri-M helped at the Jefferson Art Committee's Senior Citizen Big Band Bash.  Students help serve food, clean tables, clean up afterwards and join in on the dance floor while dancing to the sounds of the Jefferson Community Jazz Band. 

    Tri M Tri M Tri M Tri M Tri M   


    JTMS Duct Tape March Madness Winner-Mr. DiDonato!

    March Madness  March Madness  March Madness  March Madness  March Madness  March Madness

    At the end of March, the Red Cross Club collected items to benefit the animals of the Jefferson Township Municipal Pound. The collection was a huge success, and the JTMS community was able to donate several boxes filled with cat and dog food, treats, toys, blankets, towels, and cleaning supplies. Go Falcon Family!

    Red Cross Club

    Our Annual JTMS Staff vs. Student Basketball Game!

    Staff Student Basketball  Staff Student Basketball  Staff Student Basketball  Staff Student Basketball  Staff Student Basketball  Staff Student Basketball  

     And the winners are.....JTMS STAFF!

    Staff Student Basketball

     The JTMS Tri-M Honor Society members hosted their 3rd annual Musical Petting Zoo this past Saturday.  We had over 50 kids go through and try out the different instruments.  The age range of the participants were from 9 months old up to adult ages.  It was a fun day of music, games, and community.  

    Musical Petting Zoo The JTMS Tri-M Honor Society members hosted their 3rd annual Musical Petting Zoo this past Saturday.  We had over 50 kids go   Musical Petting Zoo Musical Petting Zoo Musical Petting Zoo  Musical Petting Zoo Musical Petting Zoo   Musical  Musical Petting Zoo

    Over the weekend we received an update from Kenya on the construction of the safe home.  We are happy to report that much progress has been made since the end of January when we sent the funds for phase 2.

    Kenya Kenya

    JTMS Awarded Kindness Matters Certificate

    JTMS Awarded Kindness Matters Certificate


    Sixth graders were given the assignment to research an influential person who contributed to the social reform of civil liberties and the Civil Rights Movement during the 19th and 20th centuries, both for the minority races and gender equality. Students cooperatively and independently conducted research on this person and created a trifold project which includes an informative essay, a timeline, and related images. Students will “become” their person or an “expert” on their person during our Living Museumpresentations and show their knowledge by responding to pre-arranged questions. 

    Living Museum  Living Museum  Living Museum  Living Museum  Living Museum  Living Museum  Living Museum  Living Museum  Living Museum  Living Museum  Living Museum  Living Museum  Living Museum  Living Museum  Living Museum  Living Museum


     Project Kind Sandwich Making at JTMS!

     Thankful Project Kind         Project Kind   Kindness Project Kind Project Kind


    Project Stay Gold Visiting the Elementary Schools

       Project Stay Gold Project Stay Gold Project Stay Gold  



    The Outsiders Day!

    Greaser/Soc Day - 8Blue  Greaser/Soc Day - 8Blue  Greaser/Soc Day - 8Blue  Greaser/Soc Day - 8Blue  Greaser/Soc Day - 8Blue  The Outsiders Day  The Outsiders Day


    Stokes State Forest 

    Jefferson Gold visits Stokes State Forest for an environmental education experience


    Tri M Induction Ceremony

    Tri M Induction Ceremony   Tri M Induction Ceremony   Tri M Induction Ceremony



    Pictures from the JTMS field trip to Stokes State Forest!

       Stokes Stokes   Stokes   Stokes    Stokes


    Celebrating Grandparents day 2018 at JTMS!

        Grandparents Day Grandparents Day    Grandparents Day   Grandparents Day   Grandparents Day 2018 Grandparents Day   Grandparents Day


    Photo's from JTMS back to school night!  The entire evening was a tremendous success! 

    Some photo's during Back to School night. The entire evening was a tremendous success!    Back to School Night   Hope Heals Student Council Back to School Night   Back to School Night


    Jefferson Java is a school community-based project run by the Middle School Life Skills classes.  We provide a hot beverage service to the staff and faculty which teaches students a variety of skills while having fun! 

    Jefferson Java   Jefferson Java   Jefferson Java  

School News

  • AHERA Annual Notice

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  • ART

    Students completed a clay unit in which they had to create 2 utilitarian forms. Students created mugs and boxes. They ended the unit by testing their mugs to see if they were truly useful and could hold liquid. Students enjoyed root beer floats and all mugs were proven to be successful in holding the yummy liquid.

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  • Extra Hightlights

    More than one hundred and fifty students and staff at JTMS gathered together to cleanup the campus. The Student Council, Red Cross Club, and Garden Club sponsored this school-wide cleanup on May 16th. Participants picked up at least forty bags of trash and recycling! This event was part of the “Slam Dunk the Junk” program run by the MCMUA and Morris County Clean Communities. This program is part of a statewide initiative sponsored by the New Jersey Clean Communities Council which focuses on conducting cleanups, enforcing anti-litter regulations, and changing the attitudes about littering. By participating in the clean up, the Middle School is now entitled to receive a $500.00 grant to purchase receptacles for either recyclables or trash. Way to go JTMS students and staff!

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  • 6th Grade Math

    Sixth grade students practiced, reviewed, and reinforced their problem-solving skills for the grade level curriculum standards: ratios, rates, unit rates, fractions, decimal, percent of a number, graphing, discount/tip, order of operations, algebraic expressions, solving equations, inequalities, box plots, measure of central tendencies and finding the MAD. Students used various problem-solving packets, Do Nows, the LinkIt Progress Monitoring program, and online assessments to help prepare for the NJSLA.

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  • 6th Grade Science

    Students finished their study of water on Earth and will soon begin a unit on Astronomy. Both teams recently visited the Sterling Hill Mine in Ogdensburg for their 6th grade field trip which reinforced many curricular science topics for this year. The Six Blue team is preparing for their Environmental Art Museum event to be held in late May. Students’ upcycled items will be on display as well as their “Bigger Picture” art projects completed in class. There will also be presentations given by the students throughout the evening. The six Gold Team recently researched the environmental problem in Lake Hopatcong due to the introduction of silica dust. Students wrote letters to Mayor Eric Wilsusen to express their concerns with the pollution issue.

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  • 6th Grade Social Studies

    The sixth grade Social Studies department has been breaking down culminating events that led to the Civil War through a series of activities that utilized technology, document analysis and group based activities. In doing so, students reviewed the Election of 1860, broke down the different candidates and their viewpoints and voted on the candidates in a team wide election. Students then reviewed a series of 19th century political cartoons that covered the important election of 1860.

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  • 6th Grade Language Arts

    6th grade students started the marking period working on narrative writing. From there they began a unit on dystopian novels and recently have been assigned a spring book club novel to read, as part of this study. In addition, both the Blue and Gold teams attended a field trip to the Ogdensburg Sterling Mine and Museum.

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  • 6th Grade SCP Math

    Students brainstormed how to find the area of the roof of the Rockaway mall based on an overhead photo. This lead to a lesson on decomposing shapes to find the area of irregular figures.

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  • 7th Grade Language Arts

    7th grade Language Arts students studied the unit, Overcoming Adversity and have just completed the novel, Freak the Mighty. Students continued the process of making annotations while they read and used the information gathered to create a character study newspaper for one of the characters from the novel.

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  • 7th Grade Math

    In seventh grade math, students reviewed probability with dice, spinners and the tossing of a coin. Students also continued to work on their skills through the LinkIt Progress Monitoring program.

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  • 7th Grade Science

    In science, students are in the process of dissecting worms and frogs. They are applying knowledge from previous units of study on cells, classification, and evolution to enrich their dissection experience.

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  • 7th Grade Social Studies

    In seventh grade social studies, students have been learning about micro and macro economics. As part of the study, students will examine and analyze the four main economic systems and understand how businesses and individuals make economic choices.

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  • 7th Grade SCP Math

    Students classified triangles by sides and by angles. They also learned how to find the missing angle when given the measurements of two angles.

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  • 8th Grade Language Arts

    In the eighth grade Language Arts classes, students completed Unit 3 which focused on nonfiction writing and the Holocaust. During Unit 4, students will be creating a Vision Board and a Capstone Essay focusing on self reflection.

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  • 8th Grade Math

    Students in eighth grade Math classes spent the last week applying their knowledge of transformations in the real world while analyzing company logos based off of reflections, translations, and rotations.

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  • 8th Grade Social Studies

    In Social Studies, students are about to embark on their last Socratic Seminar; examining whether the Black Plague was actually a positive thing for Medieval Europe. In addition, students are presenting their Year-Long Assessment Projects mid-May. Family members have been invited to attend. The MS-PTA has arranged for volunteers to assist signing in our guests. We are very grateful for the community support!

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  • 8th Grade Science

    Eighth grade science just finished their Junior Solar Sprint project with a trip to the first round of solar sprints. We had 3 out of 5 student groups placed in the top 12 for speed. One student will move on to the Inter-County finals with a finish in 3rd place for speed. We have studied electricity and magnetism and will be working toward a final engineering and design project in the next few weeks.

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  • 8th Grade SCP Math

    Students applied the Pythagorean Theorem to real-life situations.

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  • 6th Grade World Language

    6th Grade World Language: Students are exploring and describing habitats around the world in the target language. Students will begin creating final projects in which they describe a famous habitat, such as the Sahara Desert, by using animal, objects, and weather vocabulary.

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  • 7th Grade World Language

    7th Grade World Language: Students are discussing their future vacation plans. They are incorporating their preferences and will soon be creating a vacation itinerary and researching a popular tourist destination in a country that speaks the language they are learning.

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  • 8th Grade World Language

    8th Grade World Language: Students are exploring possible future careers and describing needed skills, college classes, and university degrees in the target language. Students are conversing about different job requirements and possible career paths they would like to take in the future.

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  • 21st Century Researchers/Speak Up and Write All About It

    Students in 21st Century Researchers classes brainstormed research topics and are now working on creating strong research questions. The junior journalists, in Speak Up and Write All About It are beginning their broadcasting project. Students are currently learning about the different positions within a newsroom and will be analyzing a few news programs before scripting and filming their own news program.

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  • Computer Science Discoveries

    In Computer Science Discoveries, students started exploring JavaScript. Through multiple coding activities, students learned how to use conditions, Boolean expressions, and the properties of characters to create animations. Learning about these many techniques allowed students to apply and create their own personal Interactive Greeting Card.

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  • Core Skills ELA

    In language arts, the sixth grade students started off the fourth marking period by crafting their own original stories using either a story starter or image to jumpstart their imagination. The seventh grade students read the novel Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick where they explored characters trying to overcome adversity. The students will continue to analyze how characters overcome adversity within their upcoming book clubs. In eighth grade, the students will wrap up their current book club novels and switch gears by working on a capstone essay and vision board which will be completed in reflections of themselves.

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  • Core Skills Math

    In all mathematics classes, students have been refining their mathematics skills to prepare for NJSLA. Students explored the different tools they would be able to use on the state assessment through the NJSLA/PARCC website as well as the mathematical reference sheet. In addition, students reviewed probability with dice, spinners, and the toss of a coin.

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  • Family and Consumer Science

    During the Babysitting Unit, students in the 7th and 8th grade F&CS classes invited children to come into the classroom for a cooking experience during Bring Your Child To Work Day. A fun time was had by all participants!

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  • Forensics

    Forensics students just completed their unit on identifying an individual using fingerprints, blood evidence, DNA, and handwriting analysis. Students also completed a case study on OJ Simpson in order to determine whether or not we agree with his final verdict. Students will begin their final project related to creating their own crime scene using evidence.

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  • Music-Chorus & Band

    Members of the JTMS Tri-M Honor Society had a great time helping at the Senior Citizen Big Band Bash in the beginning of May! Also, the JTMS Bands performed beautifully at the Spring Concert which featured the 6th, 7th, 8th, and Select bands. Students just finalized their preparations for the High Notes Festival at Dorney Park. The band and chorus students are well on their way and excited to be attending the park while engaged in a fun day of music, rides, and games!

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  • Robotics

    In Robotics, students completed a unit on 3D printing where they had the opportunity to create a project that was printed using the TinkerCad software. Students recently began working on a unit about Prosthesis. In doing so, students will look at the organizations that 3D print prosthesis are used on a daily basis. In addition, students are creating a model of a prosthetic arm using the EV3 lego kits. How exciting!

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  • STEM 6th Grade

    The students began the time by moving through the Engineering Process in order to create boats that were capable of holding increasingly heavy loads. During the first-half of May, students created catapults that were capable of launching mini-marshmallows at a target located a small distance away. A new group of students have recently started STEM and are currently learning about lab safety procedures and the Engineering Process.

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  • STEM 7 & 8

    The students spent the beginning of the month researching Newton’s three laws of motion. In doing so, they drafted blueprints for potential roller coasters they could build. Using all of this information, the students have been building their proposed roller coasters out of card stock.

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