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    Ms. Margaret M. Widgren

    Mrs. Kathy Tobia
    Asst. Principal

    Ms. Joanne Martino
    SAC/Anti-Bullying Specialist 

    Mrs. Liz Conley
    Nurse, X5720



    School Hours: 7:35 am - 2:15 pm

    1000 Weldon Rd.
    Oak Ridge, NJ 07438
    (973) 697-1980
    Fax (973) 697-1348




    Dear JTMS Parents and Students,

    I am excited to introduce myself as the principal of Jefferson Township Middle School.  While I only began my new position as principal on July 1st, I am not new to Jefferson.  I began my Falcon career in 2006 as an assistant principal at the middle school, and then was appointed as the Director of Student Personnel Services in 2012.  It is great to be back “home” at the middle school.                                                                 

    While the 2020-2021 school year presents us with many new challenges, I can assure you that the faculty and staff are committed to providing our students with a comprehensive and rich learning experience, while encouraging high standards of positive student citizenship.  As we begin preparing for the reopening of our doors, your child’s safety and well-being will be at the forefront of our decision making process.  

    I am confident that whatever comes our way, we will remain Falcon strong and have an amazing school year.   I look forward to meeting you all in the upcoming months.  Have a wonderful summer!


    Ms. Margaret M. Widgren



School News

  • Counseling Office

    In the past month, the counseling department held an Advisory Council meeting with over twenty stakeholders from the JTMS community, to discuss school counseling program goals and to obtain feedback on priorities for the remainder of the school year. Counselors are facilitating multiple counseling groups. In the 8th grade, students attended a scheduling presentation and selected their electives for High School. Students began scheduling course requests with High School counselors. The counseling department is focusing on their goal of improving student attendance through group and individual counseling.

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  • 6th Grade Math

    In 6th grade Mathematics, students have been evaluating expressions, combining like terms and using the Distributive Property to help solve problems. Students have been completing daily and weekly review of skills: fraction computation, decimals, Order of Operations, factoring expressions and converting measurements to identify equivalent amounts. Students are beginning to study data within the data unit by using range, mean, median and mode to analyze data. Also, within the curriculum, students are starting a Moby Max Challenge with a competition among the 6th grade students for the most Moby Max minutes.

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  • 6th Grade Science

    Students in the science department are finishing their study of the rock cycle and as a result, have gained a deeper understanding of weathering and erosion. Both teams in the sixth grade completed a Fossil Detective activity while students worked in collaborative learning groups. All detectives did a wonderful job solving the mystery questions! In addition, a guest speaker visited both teams on February 6th. Mr. Michael Fondacaro spoke about accepting others and helping students to see beyond differences and disabilities which often can create obstacles in getting to know someone. The students on both teams asked fantastic questions and made Michael feel right at home, here at JTMS!

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  • 6th Grade Social Studies

    In Social Studies, students have begun their unit on the Civil War and Reconstruction. Students will have access to recording equipment which they will use to create authentic presentations. The projects students complete will appear in the form of news broadcasts, done with green screens. Students will also utilize recording equipment such as Flipgrid, a recording program. Of course, some projects may be completed using traditional written essays. Students will have opportunities to demonstrate their creative skills while working on strengthening their analysis and content writing skills.

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  • 6th Grade Language Arts

    In 6th grade Language Arts, students immersed in a unit that focused on Agents of Change: Motivated individual and/or groups can affect great and lasting change even against seemingly insurmountable obstacles. To that end, students learned about important people and events in the civil rights and the movements for racial and gender equality, through a variety of nonfiction texts, historical essays, and films, which students viewed, analyzed, and annotated. Soon, students will begin a major research project, which continues to explore this theme. In addition, students have been reading fiction books, independently, in preparation for the Battle of the Books event. Students continue to use the individualized vocabulary program, Membean, as well as the grammar-focused platform of No Red Ink.

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  • 7th Grade Language Arts

    The 7th grade Language Arts students completed their unit on the Dawn of Dystopia where several dystopian texts were read and analyzed. Students also focused on writing an argumentative essay and progressed through each step of the writing process including creating, revising, editing, and publishing.

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  • 7th Grade Math

    Students in 7th grade Mathematics began working on solving operations with rational numbers. In doing so, students incorporated the use of Edulastic, a program that provides teachers an opportunity to monitor student progress and understanding. Through the program, teachers conduct individual conferences with students.

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  • 7th Grade Science

    Students in 7th grade Science explored who they are on a microscopic level - their DNA! By understanding the code of DNA, students learned why they are so unique and how they acquired their individual physical traits.

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  • 7th Grade Social Studies

    Seventh grade Social Studies students discovered an appreciation for the importance and difficulties of struggling against tyranny. The civil rights movement was taught in a manner that helped students understand that injustices can be overcome.

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  • 8th Grade Language Arts

    In Language Arts, the eighth grade students completed Unit Two, including Socratic Book Clubs. Students picked a novel of choice and then collaborated with peers who picked the same novel. Students read and annotated their books while they engaged in academic discussions about their novels. As a culminating activity, students participated in Socratic Seminars, further analyzing literature through the discussion of essential questions.

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  • 8th Grade Math

    In 8th grade Math, students finished their unit on functions and relations. In doing so, students learned to compare different types of functions using real world scenarios. Students will be given their end-of-unit assessment and then begin the second half of the year learning about geometry. In the algebra classes, students learned about exponents and exponential functions in the real world, such as how to calculate exponential growth and decay, along with compound interest. Students will start Chapter 8 soon learning about polynomials. Students in geometry finished their unit on relationships in triangles (including bisectors, medians, altitudes of triangles, inequalities in one and two triangles, and indirect proofs). Students will learn to analyze properties of quadrilaterals and polygons within the next month.

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  • 8th Grade Social Studies

    In Social Studies, students began to study the Middle Ages in the Middle East and Asia. They compared the basic tenets of the three monotheistic faiths and completed document based investigations on the spread of Islam through the Mediterranean, India, and Arabia. Students will end the marking period with a Socratic Seminar on the controversial Empress Wu.

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  • 8th Grade Science

    Eighth grade science students just completed their unit on waves in which they designed a product to help people with hearing issues or vision impairments. The students focused their products on safety concerns that these individuals face on a daily basis. Students are now transitioning into the unit of forces and gravity.

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  • Gateways

    The 8th Grade GATEways students recently completed their mini unit on transcendentalism and civil disobedience. They have begun working on their Educational Presentation project where they are designing a recorded presentation that will be viewed by their classmates. Designing an effective presentation that others will view and critique is a learning experience in itself. The 7th Grade GATEways students have been working on their unit on the United Nations where they have been learning about the main organs of the UN, the primary roles the UN plays in our global society, and current events associated with the UN. They will be moving on to activities and learning experiences that will give them a deeper understanding of how the UN operates with issues of global concern. The 6th Grade GATEways students finished their unit on using spreadsheets to calculate their results and produce graphs and charts to display their group’s results. They have moved on to the visually captivating National Parks unit. Students will be enhancing their communication skills by creating digital maps, designing parks passes, and discovering and sharing with others the many unique features that our national parks have to showcase and serve to protect.

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  • World Language

    The students in 6th grade learned vocabulary related to their house and home as well as learned how to describe their household chores. Students in 7th grade learned to talk about sports and sport related activities. The students in 8th grade learned to describe their daily routines.

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  • 21st Century Researchers

    Students in 21st Century Researchers are learning how to evaluate websites and online sources, how to paraphrase and directly quote from sources, and will soon start using NoodleTools to organize the research they are conducting in preparation for a class debate.

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  • Computer Science Discoveries

    As a new semester begins, students have the opportunity to explore new electives. The students who are discovering Computer Science are learning the importance of problem-solving and how any problem can be solved by defining the problem, preparing to solve the problem, attempting to solve the problem and reflecting upon the results. They are also understanding that it is important to go through the Problem Solving Process more than once if a problem is not solved. As the students begin to learn about computers, they will develop the skills to apply the problem solving process in understanding how computers work and how they, as computer scientists, will solve problems using computers.

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  • Core Skills ELA

    The second marking period proved to be a successful one for many Core Skills Language Arts students! Many students increased their overall Linkit performance! Skill Assessment scores showed an overall improvement in skill levels. All language arts CSP students are anxiously awaiting their final results of marking period two’s incentive challenge. Students hope to have earned a movie and snack party during lunch/flex for attending Core Skills extra help sessions during the flex periods!

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  • Core Skills Math

    The second marking period closed with the Core Skills Math students finishing strong. Many students made overall improvements in their studies and increased their LinkIt scores as well as increased their MobyMax grades through weekly practice. Students are currently waiting for the results of the second marking period incentive challenge. Along with ELA, math students hope they earned the reward of a movie and snack party.

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  • Family and Consumer Science

    Students in the seventh and eighth grade Family and Consumer Science classes learned how to work with the ingredient, yeast. In doing so, students prepared homemade pizza dough during the Yeast Bread Unit. In an effort to enhance their study, students brought in an assortment of pizza toppings which resulted in a wonderful time had by all!

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  • Forensics

    In Forensics, students completed their 1st semester class with a final project on determining who contaminated the lake. The new classes of semester two are learning to measure and sketch a crime scene. Students will then draw their sketches to scale within the classroom once they complete two days of measuring the scene.

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  • Music-Chorus & Band

    In Band, the eighth grade students finished their musical pieces in preparation for their Mid-Winter Concert combined with the High School bands scheduled for February 26th. The sixth and seventh grade bands are continuing to develop their musical skills by working on music for their Spring Concert.

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  • Robotics

    With five new classes, students are studying the basic concepts of robotics. Sixth grade students are building coding skills in preparation to begin building and programming lego robots. Seventh and eighth grade students are studying topics such as the engineer and design process as well as Newton’s Laws of Motion in order to prepare themselves to work on different projects such as building catapults to launch marshmallows.

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  • STEM

    The seventh and eighth grade STEM students recently learned the seven steps of the engineering process and are putting them into practice for their first project. The students researched which materials make the best insulators in an attempt to keep an ice cube frozen while placed in an oven for 25 minutes. The sixth grade students learned about construction joints and stress types in engineering. After completing their initial blueprints, they began construction on straw towers that should be capable of holding several tennis balls.

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Referendum Update

  • The district would once again like to thank the Jefferson Township Community for their support of our Bond Referendum vote back in October 2018.  The district was able to receive 40% reimbursement from the State in grant money. Fortunately, when our credit history was reviewed by the financial institutions providing the bonds, we were able to secure loans at the rate of 3.62% which is lower than expected.

    Although it is a smaller-scale project, we are excited that the work has started!   The door locks are being replaced at Cozy Lake by Oak Security. The new locks will have a thumb lock for enhanced security and will be ADA compliant.  

    The other projects slated to occur this summer are:

    • High School Roof replacement;
    • High School Science Room Renovations;
    • Middle School Classroom Renovations;
    • Middle School Locker Room Renovations;
    • Creation of makerspace classrooms in Briggs, Cozy Lake, Stanlick, White Rock, JTMS & JTHS;
    • Various flooring projects throughout the district; and
    • Exterior Building Facade repairs at Briggs, Cozy Lake & JTHS.

    Update: 7.23.19

    High School:

    Makerspace Flooring Progress

    HS Makerspace Floor

    HS Makerpace #2

    HS Makerspace #3

    Update: 7.22.19


    Science Flooring

    HS Science Flooring #1

    HS Flooring Before #2

    HS Science Flooring #3

    HS Science Flooring #3




    HS Before Outside Work

    Outside Work #2

    Outside Brick Work

    Outside Progress

    Outside Progress #2

    Outside Progress #3

    Outside Progress #4


    Science Classroom Drop Ceiling

    HS Drop Ceiling #1

    HS Drop Ceiling #2


    Wood Shop Flooring 

    Wood Shop Flooring #1

    Wood Shop Flooring #2


    Roofing Machinery & Crew

    Roofing Equipment & Materials

    Music Rooms

    HS Music Room Before #1

    HS Music Room Before #2

    HS Music Room Before #3


    Future Makerspace Classroom

    HS Future MS Classroom

    Flooring Progress


    Band & High Tech Music Room Flooring

    Band & High Tech Music Room

    Band & High Tech Music Room #2


    Update: 7.19.19

    Cozy Lake: 

    Outside Facade

    CL Outside Facade

    All-Purpose Room



    White Rock:

    All-Purpose Room Abatement 

    WR APR Floor Abatement

    Makerspace Flooring 

    Makerspace Flooring

    Makerspace Flooring

    Makerspace Flooring 2


    Update: 7.18.19

    Cozy Lake:

    Outside Facade Progress

    Cozy Lake Outside Facade Progress


    Ellen T. Briggs:

    Exterior Modular Wing Facade Progress

    Outside Modular

    Makerspace Room 111

    Makerspace Cleared

    Makerspace Room 111

    Makerspace Progress



    Gymnasium Lobby

    JTMS Gymnasium Lobby

    Locker Room

    JTMS Locker Room

    Floor Abatement 

    JTMS Flooring

    Panoramic View of Media Center

    JTMS Panoramic View of Media Center



    All-Purpose Room Flooring 

    Stanlick Floor Abatement

    Makerspace Flooring 

    Stanlick Maker Space Flooring


    UPDATE: (6/26-7/10):


    Media Center Moving Out, Ceilings Removed & Painting Begun

    MS Media Center Before

    MS & Mr. Vastola

    MS Media Center Drop Ceiling Removed

    MS Painting & Progress

    CL Gutted Kitchen


    Cozy Lake:

    Removal of Outside Facade:

     CL Facade

    Makerspace Classroom Before

    Cozy Makerspace


    JTMS Science Rooms:

    Classrooms B3 & 4 Emptied

    B3 B$ Empty

    B4 Flooring Removed

    MS B4 Floor Removed

    B21 Final Demolition 

    MS B21 Final Demo.

    White Rock:

    Makerspace Classroom Before

    White Rock

    All-Purpose Room Before

    WR APR


    Middle School:

    Locker Room Before

    Locker Room 1

    Locker Room Before

    Locker Room 2

    Media Center Before

    Media Center 2

    Media Center Before

    Media Center 2

    Robotics Classroom Before

    Robotics 1

    Robotics Classroom Before

    Robotics 4

    Science Classroom Before

    Science 11

    Science Classroom Before

    Science 7


    Ellen T. Briggs:

    Facade Before


    ETB Facade

    Makerspace Classroom Before

    ETB Makerspace

    Door Hardware Before

    ETB Door Lock


    ETB Door Lock After


    All-Purpose Flooring Before

    Stanlick APR Floor

    Classroom Before

    Stanlick Classroom

    Kitchen Flooring Before 

    Stanlick Kitchen Flooring

    Closet Before

    Stanlick Closet

    Makerspace Classroom Before

    Stanlick Makerspace


    High School:

    Roof Areas A,B,C, & D

    ABCD Roof Before

    Roof Areas C & D Before

    C&D Roof

    Auxiliary Gym Roof Before

    Aux. Roof

    Fascia Before

    C8 Fascia

    Fascia Before

    C9 Fascia

    Science Lab Before

    C7 Science Lab

     Makerspace Classroom Before

    HS Makerspace

    Wood Shop Classroom Before


    Wood Shop Classroom Before

    Woodshop 2

    C7 Cleared Out 

    HS C7 July 2nd

    Prep Room Floor Hatch 

    Floor Hatch Prep Room 7/8

    C9 Early Demo 

    HS C9 Early Demo June 21st

    Room C8 Before

    HS C8 Before 6/21

    C8 Cleared Out 

    HS C8 Cleared Out 7/2

    C7 Outside Fascia

    HS C7 Outside Fascia


    May 16, 2019

    Cozy Lake:

    Before: Old Hardware 

    Old Door Hardware

    After: Updated Hardware

    CL Door After