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    August 2018

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    The summer is flying by and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your children to Jefferson Township High School for the 2018-2019 school year. As the “Home of The Falcons” we look forward to seeing you at our Back-To-School Night on Wednesday, September 26th at 7:00 p.m.    

    The maintenance and custodial staffs have been busy over the summer with several facilities based improvements. Most notably, the auxiliary gym was painted and refreshed.  The auxiliary gym will also serve as a third cafeteria for overflow as we roll out our new master schedule for 2018-2019.  Several of our classrooms have been reconstructed to meet the ever-changing needs of our student body.  The health room in the E-Wing will now serve as the engineering/robotics classroom. Room C-4 in the C-Wing will now be a math classroom. 

    Student safety and security is a paramount concern for everyone at Jefferson Township High School.  The building entrance, after 7:35 AM and until 2:15 PM, will once again be by the guidance office entrance at door #3.  With that being said, once you enter the retention vestibule we will be using a visitor management system that will require you to present your driver’s license or government issued I.D. Then, you will have a sticker printed out for you to wear that identifies that you are allowed in the building.  Our security team will be there to assist you should you have any problems.  This increased security measure should provide for a better and safer educational environment for all. Located at this door will be a bin for items being dropped off for students.  The items will be retrieved by school personnel and delivered accordingly.

    Jefferson Township High School will be starting the new year with a new Master Schedule.  The length of the school day will remain the same with a start time of 7:35 and a dismissal time of 2:15. What changes for the students and teachers is that we will be going from a traditional 8 period day to a 4-day rotating drop block schedule with 6 periods per day.  This means that we will be able to lengthen our instructional time in the classroom from 42 minutes based on the traditional 8 period day schedule to 53 minutes of instruction based on the 6 period block schedule.  The students will also receive a lunch/academic period in the middle of the day to provide extra academic support where needed. The times of the school day for delayed openings, early dismissals, and advisory will remain the same.  

    Jefferson Township High School invites you to participate in the high school auditorium seat sponsorship. Sponsor an auditorium seat, and have your generosity memorialized on a plaque in the hallway in front of the auditorium. Please complete the attached form and return it to the main office with payment if you are interested in sponsoring a seat. 

    Jefferson Township High School is excited to be continuing our growth and progress of the "The Academy for Environmental Studies."  This is a joint venture between Jefferson Township Public Schools and the Morris County School of Technology, and will continue to provide students with scientific knowledge about the natural world while at the same time exploring the environmental, economic, and social aspects of these interactions and how they influence decision-making and policy.  Upon graduation, students will have the foundation needed to pursue a degree in environmental studies in preparation for one of the growing numbers of environmental careers in resource management, engineering, business, non-profit work, law, conservation, or education.  Each cohort is comprised of approximately fifteen students from all over Morris, Warren and Sussex County, as well as multiple students from Jefferson.  This year in collaborative partnership with Kean University our students will be able to conduct field-based research at Jefferson’s own Kean Universities Highlands Campus.  The campus is complete with dormitories, a pristine lake for research, and a recently built skywalk in the tree canopies.  We are excited to continue working with Kean University and look forward to utilizing the incredible habitat that Jefferson Township provides for future scientific research. 

    Technology is a constant in the Jefferson Township School District. Last year, we were able to implement a One-To-One Laptop Computer initiative where all students in grades 6-11 received Lenovo Thinkpad laptops.  This year, we will be adding a grade and all students in grades 6-12 will receive laptops.  Jefferson Township High is proud to continue to use Google and the Google Management Platform for all our student based instructional delivery.  As more and more of our staff and students become Google certified, they are able to bring in to our district cutting-edge technological initiatives.  We look forward to seeing how the Google Management Platform, having laptop computers for our students in a one-to-one format, and the utilization of the Maker-Space will enhance our students’ intellectual opportunities as we prepare global citizens for the 21st century.

    Student achievement is the ultimate and underlying goal of all facets of education in Jefferson High School.  As we constantly strive to improve our student achievement we should note the accomplishments of our many outstanding students.  Jefferson has students who will be going to a wide range of colleges in the fall of 2018.  Through the dedicated efforts of outstanding teachers and the constant nurturing and support of parents both in school and at home, our students are performing academically at high levels.   Jefferson has students attending higher education institutions from top state and local universities and colleges.  Jefferson has several notable students who through the Stars Program will be attending our local community colleges.  Jefferson should also be proud of our young men and women who will be entering the armed forces and for their choice of career in military services.  I would also like to acknowledge the recent graduates who have decided to enter the workforce and wish them continued success as they utilize the many skills learned in the Jefferson Public Schools.  I would also like to mention just a few accomplishments of the Jefferson Township High School Community in the past year:

    • Jefferson Township High School made the 8th Annual AP District Honor Roll.
    • Jefferson Township High School was the only high school in New Jersey during the 17/18 school year named as a Program of Excellence by the Directors of Athletics Association of New Jersey.
    • Jefferson Township High School took the Future Ready Schools Pledge and Leadership Challenge in technological Advancement and advancing digital learning opportunities for students.
    • Jefferson Township High School was voted as a 2018 Best Communities for Music Education by the NAMM Foundation.
    • Jefferson Township High School was recognized by the American School Counseling Association as a Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP).
    • Jefferson Township High School was the winner of the First Robotics Competition with Team 2600.
    • Jefferson Township High School has been recognized by our Unified Track and Field Program by growing from two schools in year 1 to 9 schools in year 2 with over 90 athletes participating.

    We look forward to building on these successes and bringing many new ones into the 18/19 school year.

    The Jefferson Township High School Student Handbook has been updated and revised for the 2018-2019 school year.  All of our summer mailing documents are accessible through the Realtime Parent Portal.  The documents on the parent portal provide an abundance of information for you and your child so that you may have a terrific school year. 

    Lastly, I would like to thank all the summer staff for their outstanding efforts in making the opening of school a successful one.  The work that has gone on all summer long is a credit to the outstanding staff that Jefferson has and we appreciate their tireless efforts!

    I look forward to you and your child having a successful 2018-2019 school year.  Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the high school staff and myself for assistance throughout the school year.

    Continued Success in 2018/2019!

    T.S. Plotts

    Tim Plotts, Ed. D.









    Jefferson Township High School invites you to participate in the high school auditorium renovation process. Sponsor an auditorium seat, and have your generosity memorialized on a plaque in the auditorium. Please complete this form and return it to the main office with payment. 











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    Please complete below:


    # of seats ______ x $200 = ________Total Payment


    Please make checks payable to Jefferson Township Board of Education.


    Questions/Concerns? Please contact Michelle Papa at or Derek Sica at We appreciate your generosity in supporting Jefferson Township High School as a member of the Falcon Family.



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