• Virtual Learning & Technology Resources

    Virtual Learning Readiness Check:

    In order to provide the best remote learning experience for students, it is important to check the basic functionality of the laptop hardware and software.  Please check the following functions before school starts in September:

    • Verify basic laptop functionality.  Turn on the laptop, log in, open the Chrome web browser and make sure you can get to our webpage over the Internet at http://www.jefftwp.org.

    • Verify that the power adapter charges the laptop.

    • Verify audio and video functionality for web conferencing.  One way to do this is to open Google Meet at https://meet.google.com, click on the gear icon at the top right of the page, and test the microphone, speakers, and webcam.

    • Check for any physical damage to the laptop.

    How to get help?

    Students that are having technical issues with their laptops can obtain support in one of two ways. Elementary school parents will send an email to webhelpdesk@jefftwp.org.  Please include a detailed description of the problem and phone/email contact info.  High School and Middle School students will enter a trouble ticket at http://helpdesk.jefftwp.org.  Students will use their email credentials to log into the helpdesk website. 


    How do I connect the laptop to my home network?

    • Click here for instructions

    • Click here for the video tutorial