Hello and welcome!

    The role of the Student Assistance Counselor (SAC) is to offer support and advocacy to
    all students within Jefferson Township Middle School by providing education,
    prevention measures, interventions and referral services. The SAC aims to help students
    address any social or emotional issues that may be disruptive to their school day and/or
    interfere with their school performance. Major responsibilities of the SAC role include
    crisis intervention, substance use concerns, as well as addressing harassment,
    intimidation and bullying (HIB). The SAC may also provide student support services
    to individuals for, but not limited to, mental health concerns, peer conflict, grief/loss,
    disordered eating, self-harm and family concerns. All of these can impact the
    educational life of students and interfere with their ability to reach their maximum
    All students are able to meet with the SAC through self-referral or referrals by staff or
    parents. The SAC will work with each student to determine if the student’s needs may
    be addressed individually or in a small group setting. In addition, the SAC will follow
    strict confidentiality guidelines (with the exception of harm to self or others)
    established by federal law and cannot disclose any information shared by the student
    without the student’s permission.
    We look forward to supporting all JTMS students in helping to make their time at JTMS
    a productive and positive experience.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:
    Karen Roccisano, SAC
    (973) 697-1980 x5717