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    Welcome to Jefferson Township Middle School’s Home Page!

    Happy New Year!  We hope your holidays were bright and you celebrated the New Year with family and friends. 

    Middle School students and staff closed 2019 with a busy December that concluded many academic units of study and resulted in special grade level and school-wide events.  For example, eighth grade social studies students participated in Socratic Seminars and analyzed if Socrates deserved to be executed for his teachings.  Seventh grade language arts students concluded their first Dystopian novel, Legend by Marie Lu, and explored point of view, character, and setting development.  Sixth grade students were provided a presentation by Chief Conrad from the JTPD.  The presentation focused on the Bill of Rights and protecting citizens.  In addition, the JTMS Bands and Choruses also held their first performances of the season at the Winter Concert event.  Students performed in front of a packed house of family and friends.  In addition, the JTMS Select Band performed during Christmas in the Village which helped to get the Jefferson community into the holiday spirit.  And finally, our Red Cross and Student Council club members held a bake sale and volunteered their time at the “Visit with Santa” event held at Camp Jefferson. 

    We are proud to announce that our school counselors along with the support and assistance from teachers successfully implemented the SOS - Signs of Suicide program.  The SOS program was taught to students in multiple stages to each grade level.  The program educated our students about mental health and the signs of suicide as well as trained them how to respond when someone needs help and how to identify peers who may need extra support.  The acronym “ACT”, Acknowledge, Care, and Tell was taught to the students as a means to intervene when necessary.  Congratulations to all participants and their efforts to continue to make our school a comfortable and safe place for all.

    Thank you for visiting and please be sure to check out our webpage, on the left, for upcoming events, announcements, and activities for JTMS students.   

    Happy New Year 2020 to all!


    Dr. Cooke


Referendum Update

  • The district would once again like to thank the Jefferson Township Community for their support of our Bond Referendum vote back in October 2018.  The district was able to receive 40% reimbursement from the State in grant money. Fortunately, when our credit history was reviewed by the financial institutions providing the bonds, we were able to secure loans at the rate of 3.62% which is lower than expected.

    Although it is a smaller-scale project, we are excited that the work has started!   The door locks are being replaced at Cozy Lake by Oak Security. The new locks will have a thumb lock for enhanced security and will be ADA compliant.  

    The other projects slated to occur this summer are:

    • High School Roof replacement;
    • High School Science Room Renovations;
    • Middle School Classroom Renovations;
    • Middle School Locker Room Renovations;
    • Creation of makerspace classrooms in Briggs, Cozy Lake, Stanlick, White Rock, JTMS & JTHS;
    • Various flooring projects throughout the district; and
    • Exterior Building Facade repairs at Briggs, Cozy Lake & JTHS.

    Update: 7.23.19

    High School:

    Makerspace Flooring Progress

    HS Makerspace Floor

    HS Makerpace #2

    HS Makerspace #3

    Update: 7.22.19


    Science Flooring

    HS Science Flooring #1

    HS Flooring Before #2

    HS Science Flooring #3

    HS Science Flooring #3




    HS Before Outside Work

    Outside Work #2

    Outside Brick Work

    Outside Progress

    Outside Progress #2

    Outside Progress #3

    Outside Progress #4


    Science Classroom Drop Ceiling

    HS Drop Ceiling #1

    HS Drop Ceiling #2


    Wood Shop Flooring 

    Wood Shop Flooring #1

    Wood Shop Flooring #2


    Roofing Machinery & Crew

    Roofing Equipment & Materials

    Music Rooms

    HS Music Room Before #1

    HS Music Room Before #2

    HS Music Room Before #3


    Future Makerspace Classroom

    HS Future MS Classroom

    Flooring Progress


    Band & High Tech Music Room Flooring

    Band & High Tech Music Room

    Band & High Tech Music Room #2


    Update: 7.19.19

    Cozy Lake: 

    Outside Facade

    CL Outside Facade

    All-Purpose Room



    White Rock:

    All-Purpose Room Abatement 

    WR APR Floor Abatement

    Makerspace Flooring 

    Makerspace Flooring

    Makerspace Flooring

    Makerspace Flooring 2


    Update: 7.18.19

    Cozy Lake:

    Outside Facade Progress

    Cozy Lake Outside Facade Progress


    Ellen T. Briggs:

    Exterior Modular Wing Facade Progress

    Outside Modular

    Makerspace Room 111

    Makerspace Cleared

    Makerspace Room 111

    Makerspace Progress



    Gymnasium Lobby

    JTMS Gymnasium Lobby

    Locker Room

    JTMS Locker Room

    Floor Abatement 

    JTMS Flooring

    Panoramic View of Media Center

    JTMS Panoramic View of Media Center



    All-Purpose Room Flooring 

    Stanlick Floor Abatement

    Makerspace Flooring 

    Stanlick Maker Space Flooring


    UPDATE: (6/26-7/10):


    Media Center Moving Out, Ceilings Removed & Painting Begun

    MS Media Center Before

    MS & Mr. Vastola

    MS Media Center Drop Ceiling Removed

    MS Painting & Progress

    CL Gutted Kitchen


    Cozy Lake:

    Removal of Outside Facade:

     CL Facade

    Makerspace Classroom Before

    Cozy Makerspace


    JTMS Science Rooms:

    Classrooms B3 & 4 Emptied

    B3 B$ Empty

    B4 Flooring Removed

    MS B4 Floor Removed

    B21 Final Demolition 

    MS B21 Final Demo.

    White Rock:

    Makerspace Classroom Before

    White Rock

    All-Purpose Room Before

    WR APR


    Middle School:

    Locker Room Before

    Locker Room 1

    Locker Room Before

    Locker Room 2

    Media Center Before

    Media Center 2

    Media Center Before

    Media Center 2

    Robotics Classroom Before

    Robotics 1

    Robotics Classroom Before

    Robotics 4

    Science Classroom Before

    Science 11

    Science Classroom Before

    Science 7


    Ellen T. Briggs:

    Facade Before


    ETB Facade

    Makerspace Classroom Before

    ETB Makerspace

    Door Hardware Before

    ETB Door Lock


    ETB Door Lock After


    All-Purpose Flooring Before

    Stanlick APR Floor

    Classroom Before

    Stanlick Classroom

    Kitchen Flooring Before 

    Stanlick Kitchen Flooring

    Closet Before

    Stanlick Closet

    Makerspace Classroom Before

    Stanlick Makerspace


    High School:

    Roof Areas A,B,C, & D

    ABCD Roof Before

    Roof Areas C & D Before

    C&D Roof

    Auxiliary Gym Roof Before

    Aux. Roof

    Fascia Before

    C8 Fascia

    Fascia Before

    C9 Fascia

    Science Lab Before

    C7 Science Lab

     Makerspace Classroom Before

    HS Makerspace

    Wood Shop Classroom Before


    Wood Shop Classroom Before

    Woodshop 2

    C7 Cleared Out 

    HS C7 July 2nd

    Prep Room Floor Hatch 

    Floor Hatch Prep Room 7/8

    C9 Early Demo 

    HS C9 Early Demo June 21st

    Room C8 Before

    HS C8 Before 6/21

    C8 Cleared Out 

    HS C8 Cleared Out 7/2

    C7 Outside Fascia

    HS C7 Outside Fascia


    May 16, 2019

    Cozy Lake:

    Before: Old Hardware 

    Old Door Hardware

    After: Updated Hardware

    CL Door After

School News

  • Counseling Office

    Throughout the month of December, the counseling office, in collaboration with the CST, organized and facilitated our Annual Giving Garland which provided over 40 JTMS students with extra cheer over the holidays. In addition, the Signs of Suicide program was delivered to 6th graders which completed the training program for all students. Staff members were extremely happy with the delivery of the program and the support that was provided to our at-risk students. Lastly, each grade level counselor started their first round of groups with their students.

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  • 6th Grade Math

    Students finished their Percent Unit of study. In doing so, they used tax, tip, and discounts to problem-solve. Students completed a Shopping Spree Activity using discounts to calculate the sales price and sales tax on items they wanted to purchase. They used menus from restaurants to calculate the bill and find the tip. Also, as the football season winds down, the students are making their final picks with the NFL playoff games and using them to practice changing fractions to decimals to percents.

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  • 6th Grade Science

    Students on the 6 Blue team have begun to study the rock cycle. Students have investigated igneous rock and their volcanic origin. Students will continue to investigate sedimentary and metamorphic rock before composing a rock story showing how a rock could progress through the rock cycle. Students on the 6 Gold team have been entrenched in their studies of volcanoes by conducting many hands-on explorations related to viscosity, the role of silica in magma, and types of eruptions including the traditional method of baking soda and vinegar explosion.

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  • 6th Grade Social Studies

    Students in Social Studies learned about the Constitution with special focus on the Bill of Rights. Students heard a presentation from JTPD, Chief Conrad, and learned about how the Bill of Rights applies to citizens and how it affects police officers as they do their job.

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  • 6th Grade Language Arts

    Students engaged in reading, analyzing, and annotating fiction texts and periodically met in Socratic Circles for their Winter Book Club. Soon, students will begin creating video book talks in which they share their analysis about their assigned novel. In addition, students will utilize the individualized online platforms of No Red Ink, to improve writing and grammar skills, as well as Membean, which focuses on vocabulary acquisition.

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  • 7th Grade Language Arts

    Seventh grade Language Arts students completed the novel, Legend by Marie Lu. Throughout the dystopian novel, students explored protagonists and antagonists as well as how the setting and character development affects the plot of the story. Students also focused on PCR writing. All of these topics lend to obtaining a deeper meaning of literature and building writing skills.

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  • 7th Grade Math

    Seventh grade math students began their investigation with integers. Students have been practicing to add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers. Students have also worked to associate positive and negative word meanings from real-world situations (i.e., deposit & withdrawal). In addition, students have re-discovered absolute value and its relation to distance.

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  • 7th Grade Science

    In science, students have been exploring cell organelles and DNA. In order to understand how cells function as a system with multiple components that must participate, students used the Cell-as-city analogy to analyze each organelle’s function. To show their knowledge, students made a model of several cell processes, showing inputs, outputs, and flow of matter and/or energy. Students also completed questions in order to determine which organelle has stopped functioning in a patient’s body.

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  • 7th Grade Social Studies

    Seventh grade Social Studies classes are in the process of analyzing how each amendment in the Bill of Rights protects the liberties citizens currently enjoy. Student are evaluating Supreme Court decisions in cases centered on Bill of Rights protections. This learning experience helps students appreciate the importance of the Bill of Rights in safeguarding individual liberty.

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  • 8th Grade Language Arts

    Eighth Grade Language Arts students completed working in Socratic Book Clubs where they participated in a “Book Tasting” activity. Students were placed in Book Club groups based on similar interests and then participated in “Academic Talk” discussions while reading and annotating their chosen novels. As a culminating activity, students participated in Socratic Seminars where they applied their knowledge and posed essential questions in an open group discussion.

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  • 8th Grade Math

    The Math students are currently exploring concepts of algebra 1, including direct variation and different forms of linear equations (slope intercept form, point slope form, and standard form). Students are learning to solve systems of linear equations through graphing, substitution and elimination, as well as determine the best method to use based on the set of given equations. Geometry students are exploring properties of similar and congruent triangles, including theorems and proofs to determine if two triangles are similar/congruent. Students will soon begin their study of bisectors, medians, and altitudes of triangles. Algebra 1 students have been learning about systems of equations and the various methods used to solve problems. The next area of study for algebra students is exponents. All eighth grade math classes will be administered the LinkIt B assessment in order to determine overall progress and areas needing further instruction.

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  • 8th Grade Social Studies

    It’s exciting times in Ancient Rome; or as students call it “8th Grade World History”. Students are discussing the legitimacy of Julius Caesar’s incursions into Rome at the head of his armies in our Socratic Seminars. This area of study will transfer to learning about the successes and failures of the Roman Empire. Students were entertained by participating in a Roman Senate Simulation, where they acted as Roman senators. Unfortunately, students learned that the Senate often turned more into a place of deceit and murder than a place of legislation. Students end the marking period with a better understanding of the great opportunities learned from Ancient World History/Rome.

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  • 8th Grade Science

    Students finished the Chemistry section of the curriculum and are now studying physics. Students began the unit studying speed and motion and are learning how to correctly use and analyze graphs as a tool to further understanding of the concepts.

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  • Gateways

    The 8th Grade GATEways students have begun their mini unit on transcendentalism and civil disobedience. They are learning about the transcendental movement in New England which was founded by some of America's most famous writers such as Henry David Thoreau. Students are discovering the links of past-to-present from this era as the concept of civil disobedience found its way from 19th century New England, to India and Mohandas Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr. in the civil rights era. The 7th Grade GATEways students have begun their unit on the United Nations. They are discovering and learning about the main organs of the UN, the primary roles in which the UN plays in our global society, and current events associated with the UN. The 6th Grade GATEways students are finishing their unit on using spreadsheets to calculate results and produce graphs/charts to display their group’s findings.

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  • World Language

    Sixth grade French and Spanish students applied their community vocabulary to create a final project with places of their favorite activities. Students were able to describe locations, activities to do, and who works at the sites. Seventh grade French and Spanish students applied their family and adjectives vocabulary to the creation of a family tree slideshow where they described their family (some fictitious). Both grades were excited to present their projects and share them with the class. Eighth grade French and Spanish students described their favorite leisure activities and learned how to converse about the leisure activities in various situations.

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  • 21st Century Researchers

    Students learned how to evaluate websites and online sources as well as how to paraphrase and directly quote from sources. Students used NoodleTools to organize their research in preparation for a class debate.

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  • Computer Science Discoveries

    Computer Science Discoveries students used their skills to change character properties such as location, rotation, and scale as well as learned about user interactions such as pressing keys and moving mice in order to create an interactive greeting card. The students continued learning JavaScript by exploring different ways that characters move and interact with other characters or obstacles. These movements and interactions will lead the students to better understand the science involved in video games.

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  • Core Skills ELA

    Sixth Grade CSP students completed their first compare and contrast essay with a focus on the “Marley’s Ghost” scene of the story A Christmas Carol during their “Social Responsibility” unit. The students focused on two adaptations of the story and analyzed how the tone and mood differed depending on the intended audience. In addition, students developed reading literature skills such as citing evidence to support inferences from a text. Seventh grade CSP students continued their “And Justice for All” dystopian unit by delving into their new book club novels and continued to analyze how characters and settings impacted the overall story. In addition, students wrapped up the standard of citing evidence to support inferences in a text. Eighth grade CSP students completed writing their first argumentative essay of the year on a topic of their choosing. During this unit, students focused on crafting claims, identifying appropriate textual evidence, citing evidence in writing, and countering arguments. Students have since moved back into book club groups where they are reading novels such as Carmer and Grit by Sarah Jean Horwitz and Rumble Fish by S.E. Hinton.

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  • Core Skills Math

    Sixth grade CSP students started their algebra unit in mathematics by working hard to find the value of x. Seventh grade CSP students crushed it while learning about integer operations. Eighth grade CSP students have been learning about systems of equations. They are learning how to represent the same information either on a graph, table or an equation. All three grade levels increased their MobyMax time resulting in math skill improvements. In addition, all three grade levels are looking forwards to the end of the marking period to see if they qualify and get invited to a full-period luncheon.

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  • Family and Consumer Science

    Students in the 7th and 8th grade F&CS classes prepared assorted Holiday cookies. As part of the “Gifts from the Kitchen” unit, the students brought home brightly decorated cookie boxes to share with their families. It was a wonderful way to showcase their work. A good time was had by all!

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  • Forensics

    The forensics students are approaching the end of their semester case study, the Case of Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee. Students finished listening to a podcast where they collected evidence that was discovered during a trial. Students are forming their own conclusions as to whether or not Adnan was guilty or innocent of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee.

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  • Music-Chorus & Band

    Chorus - Students performed at their annual Winter Concert in December. They enjoyed their biggest audience to date and sounded fantastic! In early January, the 7th and 8th grade chorus students performed rock songs at the NJ Devils hockey game and had an opportunity to walk on the ice for a memorable photo. Band - The JTMS Bands finished their very busy concert season. The Select Band performed at the Jefferson Township community event, Christmas in the Village, all bands performed at their annual Winter Concert, and the 7th and 8th grade band members performed at a New Jersey Devils trip. Two students from the 8th grade band, Alex Foth and Nick Roberts, represented JTMS at the North Jersey Junior Area Band concert held at Mt. Olive High School in mid-January.

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  • Robotics

    All three grade levels worked with Tinkercad software. In doing so, students created a multitude of shapes in different colors and sizes. Next, the students will learn to create a personal project of something unique to them. And finally, the 7th and 8th grade classes used their new skills to develop and recreate a building including surroundings using Tinkercad.

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  • STEM

    Sixth grade students learned about the different types of joints used in structure construction as well as the different types of stress that a structure can experience. Students designed, constructed, and tested straw towers designed to hold as many tennis balls as possible. Seventh and eighth grade students learned about structure design as well as Newton’s three laws of motion. They have spent the past few weeks designing and building cardstock roller coasters that can transport a marble from the beginning to the end without getting stuck.

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  • Physical Education/Health

    Students have been participating in a variety of net-type games. Students finished playing Nitro-ball and are now playing traditional volleyball. Students will conclude the marking period with an introduction to the forever favorite, Pickleball.

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