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    October 2017 

    September School News


School News

  • Black Jack from the Harlem Wizards

    "Black Jack" from the Harlem Wizards spinning 5 basketballs at a time for our 6th graders during lunch. The Wizards will be back to take on our teachers on October 25 at JTHS

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  • Science

    The 8th-grade science classes have been working to design solutions for problems and constructing procedures to test student claims by collecting and analyzing data. For example, students had to find a solution to remove salt from sand, salt, iron, beads mixtures. Students planned and conducted their investigations, and then analyzed the data. Next, students in 8th grade science are planning an investigation to create a model to determine what happens at the molecular level when thermal energy is added to a substance. In doing so, students will conduct an investigation, gather data, and then create a simulation model, based on the data obtained.

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  • Language Arts

    In 7th grade Language Arts, students have been actively working on their unit titled, heroes. Students have been introduced to several types of heroes including heroes from 9/11 and those that stand up to bullying. In culmination of this unit, students will read their first novel of the year, Freak the Mighty, where two main characters form a friendship despite adversity. And finally, 7th graders have been working with spelling and vocabulary as well as working with various texts to develop their ideas in writing.

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  • 8th Grade Language Arts

    In 8th grade Language Arts, students have been studying SE Hinton's The Outsiders. Students and staff dressed up in era clothing to celebrate the 1960's and will finish up the unit of study by writing about what it means to be a hero.

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  • Spanish

    Students in 6th grade Spanish are finishing their Hispanic Heritage Month Projects which utilize various classroom objects while understanding and incorporating masculine vs feminine words and definite vs indefinite articles. Students in 7th grade, finished their el Calendario (numbers 0-100, days, months, seasons, and saying the date) projects. Soon, students will begin a unit about weather. And finally, students in 8th grade Spanish finished studying physical and personality traits with the verb conjugations of SER and Tener. Students will conclude the month by studying emotions and temporary traits while using the verb conjugations of Estar.

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  • World Languages

    Quarter one in the JTMS Department of World Languages has been filled with exploration of French and Spanish language and culture. Students in Grade 6 are engaging in basic conversation and learning about school life in French and Spanish-speaking countries. Spanish students celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month by taking virtual trips to Spanish-speaking countries. In Grade 7, students are mastering the calendar and seasons in preparation for the creation of detailed weather reports for countries around the world. In Grade 8, third-year students are speaking, writing, listening, and reading in the target language while working on the unit of study theme "All About Me".

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  • Phys Ed News

    Physical Education classes are continuing with both football and field hockey skills. Teachers incorporated fun challenges and competitions into lessons which motivated and excited students. As students’ skills develop, the lessons and competitions will progress to modified games accordingly.

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  • Family and Consumer Science

    Family and Consumer Science students in the 7th and 8th grade prepared a plethora of cookies and baked goods to showcase their baking talents for JTMS Back to School Night event. The event was well-attended and parents appeared to love the treats as very little remained at the end of the night!

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  • STEM

    In 6th grade STEM, students finished following the steps of the Problem Solving Design Process while participating in the project of structural engineering. Each team of students built a tower using plastic straws which held the maximum number of tennis balls possible at a height of 18 inches above a table. Currently, students are designing model boats which will help to explain and provide understanding to buoyancy. Each boat will be tested to see how much weight it will hold before it sinks. In 7th grade STEM classes, students constructed simple musical instruments while following the steps of the Problem Solving Design Process. Students then researched and found musical games to play with the rest of the class. Currently, students are sketching lines and shapes. In addition, students will use mechanical drawing hand tools (tee squares, triangles, etc.) to create a three-dimensional drawing of an object.

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  • Forensics

    In forensics, students worked through the process to secure and document a crime scene. In doing so, students sketched and drew a scale drawings based on a simulated crime scene in the classroom. Students learned about the validity of eyewitness accounts through the Innocence Project and why collecting as much physical evidence as possible is critically important in solving crimes.

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  • Creative Writing

    Students in Creative Writing classes wrote letters to themselves that highlighted current feelings about the new school year and outlined goals for what they would like to accomplish throughout the year. In addition, students wrote persuasive letters, a few narratives, and now are writing poetry and campfire stories.

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  • Guidance Department

    In the Guidance Department, counselors have met with teams to transition students into their new grades. Several counselors met with classes to introduce the variety of guidance services offered to students. In addition, all grade level counselors have begun meeting with students to conduct yearly student interviews. Ms. Francavilla, Student Assistance Counselor, has been teaching anti-bullying lessons throughout the past few weeks.

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  • Marching Band

    Middle and High School members of the JTHS Marching Band are having a successful competitive season as they hit the midway point for their marching band competitions. 7th and 8th grade band members entertained parents and guardians at Middle School’s Back to School Night event during the schedule period changes. And finally, 6th grade band students have officially begun rehearsing their skills. Rehearsals are scheduled on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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  • Music Exploritory

    These past weeks the two exploratory classes have been learning basic rhythm and note reading! They also got a chance to go into the band room. Mrs. Kulick gave them a tour and they got to learn how to play some percussion instruments!

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  • 7th and 8th-grade Chorus

    We are working toward learning our music for Grandparents Day! These first few weeks of school, my 7th Graders are getting to know each other and how chorus works. My 8th graders are building on the concepts they have learned last year! They have been sight reading and it has improved dramatically from last June.

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  • Mr. Smith

    Mr. James Smith, a 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher at Jefferson Township Middle School is this year's recipient of the Helen Pouch Memorial Fund Classroom Grant Award Program for the state of New Jersey. Since its inception, the Helen Pouch Memorial Fund has traditionally supported the DAR's mission of Education. The Classroom Grant Award Program allows 51 (one per state and the District of Columbia) $500 grants to be awarded to classroom teachers for grades kindergarten through 12th grade. Grants may be used for supplies and educational resources, with the items helping to further the educational goals of the DAR.

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