For Freshmen

  • Welcome Freshmen!!

    Welcome to high school! Your school counselors are excited to get to know each and every one of you. There are several things you should keep in mind over the course of your freshman year at
    Jefferson Township High School:

    Take high school seriously right from the start!  Most of you will attend college after high school and your grades are cumulative.  That means what you do in your ninth grade year has a direct effect on the opportunities available to you in your senior year.  Colleges and universities actively seek students who are involved in their education, involved in their school community, and motivated to learn.  It is up to you to "hit the ground running" get involved and make a difference when you enter JTHS in September.



    -  Get to know your guidance counselor. Each school counselor is here to answer any questions you might
       have about high school and to help you reach your goals. Stop by to say hello.

    -  Check the guidance website periodically.

    -  Check the Realtime Student Portal frequently to monitor your progress and assignments.
    -  Time management is crucial in high school. You’ll have more homework and more activities to balance-
       get organized!

    -  Stay on top of your homework and see your teachers for extra help. They are happy to schedule time to
       meet with you.
    -  Get to know your teachers! They want you to be successful in high school.
    -  Set short and long term goals. Discuss your goals with your parents and/or your school counselor.
    -  Learn about the clubs and activities offered at JTHS. Get involved! Play a sport, join a club, and do the
       things you love! Be an active participant in the JTHS community.

    Counselor Freshman Welcome Letter