• Welcome to the Student Assistance Program page!

    The role of the Student Assistance Counselor (SAC) is to offer support and advocacy to all students
    within Jefferson Township High School while providing education, interventions, referrals, and
    preventative measures. The SAC aims to help students address any social or emotional issues that may be
    interfering with their school day and/or causing a disruption in their school performance.

    The SAC may provide student support services to individuals in the following areas, but not limited to:
    crisis management, mental health concerns, substance use, peer conflict, grief/loss, disordered eating,
    self-harm, family concerns, self-esteem/image, and bullying.

    All students are able to meet with the SAC and can be self-referred or referred by staff/parents. The SAC
    will work with the student to determine if the student’s needs may be addressed individually or in a small
    group setting.

    If you have further questions or concerns, please reach out to the JTHS Student Assistance Counselor:
    Mrs. Lindsay Vesia
    973-697-3535 ext. 5837