For Seniors

  • Welcome Back Seniors!!

    It’s official; you made it to your senior year!  By now, you are involved in school, you have an excellent transcript of grades and you are ready to begin to move on to college or your career.  The school counselors have put together a list of things you should be doing now to make your senior year as smooth as possible. 

    It is important for you and your parents to finalize where you would like to attend college.  You should have already evaluated the wealth of information concerning colleges and universities and now be prepared to complete your applicaitons.  Apply early, especially to the four-year colleges.  November 15th is not an unreasonable deadline for you to set for yourself.  Applications are available for download on all college websites.

    Military recruiters may visit the Jefferson Township High School to talk to any seniors who are interested in enlisting in the military after high school.  There will be assigned times for the recruiters to talk to seniors, usually during lunchtime.  The ASVAB will be given in November for any junior or senior who wants to take this test.  This is a test that serves as an interest inventory and is not only for those wishing to enlist in the military.

    On the College Front:

    -  Register for our Naviance program, including your parent/guardian's email address.
    -  Refine your college search to the six or eight potential colleges. Collect applications from the school
       website and fill out a rough draft of each.

    -  Get out and visit schools of interest. Take a trip or a tour to see if a college is a good fit for you.
    -  Write your personal essay/statement. The common application website is a great place to start.
    -  Create a resume of your activities and achievements.
    -  Register for fall SAT I or II.  Increase your scores by preparing online for the tests.