Department Overview

  • Curriculum review and revision is an on-going process. Major revision projects occur on a five year cycle. During the 2016-2017 school year, the areas of Math Grades K-12, Visual and Performing Arts and 21st Century Life and Careers, and Science Grades K-5 curricula were revised to reflect the current research and new New Jersey Student Learning Standards. During the 2017-2018 school year, the major revision projects will focus on Language Arts for Grades K-12 and Gifted and Talented Grades K-12.

    Elementary Curriculum Councils have been established in all subject areas. The goal is to provide a forum for the teachers of Kindergarten through Grade 5.  Specifically, the task of each group is to articulate subject area curriculum among grades as detailed in our district curriculum. The councils address implementation issues and more importantly, serve as a conduit for good practices among elementary teachers.

    Teachers in the secondary schools meet at the department level to discuss issues relating to curriculum and instruction in their subject area.



    2016-2017    Math, Grades K-12
                          Science, Grades K-5
                          21st Century Life & Careers (Related Arts, Family &
                          Consumer Science, Business)
                          Performing Arts (Music)
                          Visual Arts (Art)
                          Study Skills, Grades 6-12
                          Transitions, Grades 9-12
                          Structured Learning Experience, Grades 9-12

    2017-2018    Language Arts, Grades K-12
                          Gifted and Talented, Grades K-12

    2018-2019    Social Studies, Grades K-12

    2019-2020    World Language and ESL, Grades K-12
                          Comprehensive Health & Physical Education,
                          Grades K-12

    2020-2021    Guidance, Grades K-12
                          Science, Grades K-12
                          Technology, Grades K-8


Contact Information

  • Roger Jinks, Jr.
    Assistant Superintendent

    Karen Slusark

    31 Route 181
    Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey

    973-663-2790 (FAX)