English Language Arts Department

  • Mission: The mission of the Jefferson Township School District English Language Arts Department is to foster the development of literate individuals who critically read and purposefully write for a variety of inter- & intra- personal purposes, so as to fulfill their need to connect with texts and the world.

    Vision: Children learn best when their skill development is integrated in authentic experiences that are connected to their everyday life.  When students engage in meaningful literacy instruction, through diverse texts and a variety of literary perspectives, they become self-motivated in their learning.  Students who examine the how and why of human passions, hopes, dreams, achievements, anxieties, downfalls, transgressions, and failures of the past, present, and future through literature are able to evaluate all aspects of the human condition. 

  • Click the image below to view the ELA Curriculum Adoption Presentation.



  • Jennifer Wnuk

    Supervisor of English Language Arts

    Phone: (973) 663-5780 ext. 5076

    Email: jwnuk@jefftwp.org