• For all new incoming students and families:  After completing the online registration process, please call the school building secretary where your child will be attending. Please do not visit the building without checking first.

    1. Ellen T. Briggs (Pre-K-K), Mrs. Kimberly Leucht (973) 663-0900
    2. Arthur Stanlick (1-5), Mrs. Lisa Kennedy (973) 663-0520
    3. Cozy Lake (Pre-K-K), Mrs. Claire Olsen (973) 697-4777
    4. White Rock (1-5), Mrs. Debbie Kalish, (973) 697-2414
    5. Jefferson Township Middle School (6-8), Mrs. Susan McCarthy (973) 697-1980 ex 5757
    6. Jefferson Township High School (9-12), Mrs. Dawn Bublitz (973) 697-3535 ex 5820


    Requirements and documents for all new, incoming students:

    1. Student's birth certificate 
    2. Must be a current resident of Jefferson Township and provide proof of residency. 


    • Homeowners: Current picture identification along with the most recent mortgage statement, the deed to the home, or current Township tax invoice.
    • Renters: Current picture identification, current rental/lease agreement, and utility bill (cable, electric, etc.). 
    • Families who live with a Jefferson resident and do not own or rent the property: The homeowner or renter named on the lease must supply the required documents, as listed above. An Affidavit of Resident is also required and will be supplied by the building secretary.  


    Current Students and Change of Address:

    • Purchase of Home: Documentation proving ownership (closing or mortgage statement, deed to the home, or current Township tax invoice).
    • Renters: Executed rental/lease agreement and utility bill (cable, electric, etc.).