Meet the Board


    The BOE seeks to develop an effective Communications Plan which fosters an environment that invites all stakeholders to participate in achieving the District’s mission, goals, and educational priorities.

    The Board of Education e-mail system will enable you to communicate directly to all nine elected members and the Superintendent of Schools.

    In accordance with BOE procedure, the Board shall refer all issues to the Superintendent who shall investigate your concerns. The Superintendent shall expeditiously report the issue, findings, and resolution to the full Board.

    Your thoughts are important to us, and we appreciate your time and effort in the pursuit of improved communication and educational betterment.

    Thank you,
    Jefferson Township Board of Education



    Please see the brochure below for a quick reference to the Board's role and responsibilities.

    A Guide to Board Meetings in NJ

    NJSBA: School Governance


Contact Info

  • Mrs. Jeanne Howe
    Superintendent of Schools

    Dr. Roger Jinks
    Assistant Superintendent of Schools

    Mrs. Rita Oroho Giacchi
    Business Administrator/Board Secretary

    Members of the Board of Education & End of Term Dates

    President: Mrs. Stacey Poulas, 12/31/2023
    Vice President: Mrs. Adele Wildermuth, 12/31/2025
    Mrs. Amy Gould, 12/31/2024 
    Mrs. Jaime Grater, 12/31/2025
    Mr. Christopher Natale, 12/31/2024 
    Mrs. Diane Perez, 12/31/2023
    Mrs. Jill Small, 12/31/2023
    Mr. Michael Stewart, 12/31/2025
    Mr. Dyaa Terpstra, 12/31/2024

    To e-mail the Board of Education members: