Course Descriptions

  • High School

    BASIC CODING AND WEB DESIGN GRADE 9, 10, 11, 12 Prerequisite: None 2.5 Credits 

    Basic Coding and Web Design is a one-semester, project-based course that infuses digital communication skills with basic coding and web design. Web design tools such as Dreamweaver and online Internet-based web software are used. Basic coding and web design develop three key areas: coding, web design, and basic game development. This course also offers basic components of Scratch. Each component of this course builds on the other, adding more challenging skills to the foundation. 

    ECONOMICS CP GRADE 10, 11, 12 Prerequisite: None 2.5 Credits                                     

    Economics presents basic economic principles with economic and financial literacy as its goal. Special emphasis is placed on decision-making while examining the individual’s economic role as producers, consumers, and citizens in a free market society. Students participate in the Stock Market Game in competition with other schools.  This course also provides students with an introduction to finance and the capital markets, as well as basic investment management and financial planning. 

    ADVANCED PLACEMENT ECONOMICS GRADE 10, 11, 12 Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Business or Personal Finance, and Departmental Approval  5 Credits 

    AP Economics is designed to be equivalent to a college Microeconomics/Macroeconomics course taken by business majors during their first year of college. The purpose of the course is to give students a thorough understanding of the principles of economics that apply to the functions of individual decision-makers, both consumers and producers, within the economic system.  It places primary emphasis on the nature and functions of product markets. The course also places particular emphasis on the study of national income and price-level determination and also develops the students’ familiarity with economic performance measures, the financial sector, stabilization policies, economic growth, and international economics. 

    FUNDAMENTALS OF BUSINESS GRADE 9, 10, 11 Prerequisite: None 5 Credits 

    This is an introductory course designed to ensure that all students interested in furthering their business education have a broad understanding of the various business disciplines. This course will cover units in, business management, marketing, income, money management, entrepreneurship, and business ethics. Students will build the requisite skills of teamwork and public speaking to compete in a 21st-century world.  Students will begin to create a college and career portfolio in this course.

    PERSONAL FINANCE GRADE 9, 10, 11, 12 Prerequisite: None 2.5 Credits 

    This course is designed to help students understand the impact of individual choices on occupational goals and future earnings potential. Real-world topics covered will include income, money management, spending, and credit, as well as saving and investing. This course will provide a foundational understanding for making informed personal financial decisions. 

    ACCOUNTING 1 GRADE 9, 10, 11, 12 Prerequisite: None 5 Credits 

    Accounting 1 is designed for those students who desire a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of bookkeeping and accounting principles and procedures. The course will provide a key understanding to the accounting cycle, simple adjusting, closing entries, assets, liabilities owner’s equity, profit, loss, income, and expense transactions.  Simulated financial statements are used to complete practical applications of accounting principles and procedures. Students will be introduced to real-world business applications and will explore fundamental general business concepts throughout the year.  

    ACCOUNTING 2 HONORS (CLEP) GRADE 10, 11, 12 Prerequisite: Accounting 1, and Departmental Approval 5 Credits

    Accounting 2 Honors (CLEP) introduces the business student to more advanced accounting principles common in the first year of accounting employment and higher education business and accounting courses. Students will move from report production to introductory report analysis and interpretation.  They will be introduced to the basics of the accounting information systems field through introductory spreadsheet creation, spreadsheet/database manipulation, and business simulation projects.  Students will have the ability to receive college credit.

    BUSINESS AND PERSONAL LAW HONORS (CLEP) GRADE 10, 11, 12 Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Business or Personal Finance, and Departmental Approval  5 Credits 

    The Business Law Honors (CLEP) course is designed to provide students with an overview of our legal system, including statutes and regulations that affect businesses, families, and individuals in a variety of ways. Knowledge of business law is particularly useful because all students eventually assume the role of a citizen, worker, and consumer in society. Businesses operate in an increasingly global environment where the laws of different governments and judicial systems frequently conflict. Students need to also be able to distinguish unethical behavior from illegal behavior and to understand the rising importance of social responsibility as an aspect of corporations and organizations in a global society.  Students will have the ability to receive college credit.   

    MARKETING 1 GRADE 9, 10, 11, 12 Prerequisite: None 5 Credits 

    Marketing 1 is one of the largest and most exciting areas of business today. In this course, students will explore an introduction to basic principles and practices of marketing in our global economy. It provides an understanding of the essential marketing areas, which include business management, entrepreneurship, human relations, and economics. These principles will be applied in the areas of advertising, apparel and accessories, business services, e-commerce, financial services, hospitality services, restaurant marketing, and sports and entertainment. In addition, students will grasp the insight of merchandising, principles of salesmanship, public relations, and publicity, all of which deal with the buying, selling, and promoting of goods and services. It is recommended for students to join DECA, a marketing club. Students will have the opportunity to participate in regional, state, and national competitions. 

    MARKETING 2 HONORS (CLEP) GRADE 10, 11, 12 Prerequisite: Marketing 1, and Departmental Approval  5 Credits

    The Marketing 2 Honors CLEP course will focus on the concepts, tools, and analyses that underlie marketing decisions. The course is concerned with the role of marketing in society.  It will provide a firm understanding of consumer and organizational markets, marketing strategy planning, marketing mix, marketing institutions, international marketing, ethics, marketing research, services, and not-for-profit marketing. Students will develop and design a website for marketing purposes.  It is recommended for students to join DECA, a marketing club. Students will have the opportunity to participate in regional, state, and national competitions. Students will have the ability to receive college credit. 

    ENTREPRENEURSHIP CP GRADE 9, 10, 11, 12 Prerequisite: None 2.5 Credits  

    The Entrepreneurship class will look at entrepreneurs who organize and operate different types of businesses.  This course encourages self-expression by inspiring students to think, analyze, and apply concepts to real-world problems. For those students that want to possibly run their own business, it will allow for the ability to develop a business plan, identify a market need, how to market a business, and ways to maintain customer loyalty.  

    SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING CP GRADE 10, 11, 12 Prerequisite: None 2.5 Credits 

    Sports and Entertainment Marketing is a unique and innovative course designed for students with an interest in the sports and entertainment industry. This course stresses the utilization of fundamental marketing concepts and will include an orientation to the sports and entertainment industry. Marketing strategies along with topics in sponsorship, pricing, marketing research, endorsements, and promotions will be part of this course. The course will develop critical thinking, decision making, and communication skills through real-world applications. Students will be prepared to handle specific tasks associated with either industry. This course offers students an edge if pursuing a marketing or sports management degrees on the collegiate level. 

    SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING H GRADE 10, 11, 12 Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Business or Marketing 1 2.5 Credits

    Sports and Entertainment Marketing Honors course is designed for students interested in an advanced study of sports, entertainment, and event marketing. Emphasis is placed on the following principles as they apply to the industry: Business management, career development options, client relations, ethics, events management, facilities management, legal issues and contracts, promotion, and sponsorships. Students will develop skills in the areas of facility design, merchandising, advertising, public relations/publicity, event marketing, sponsoring, ticket distribution, and career opportunities as they relate to the sports and entertainment industry.

    ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION CP GRADE 10, 11, 12 Prerequisite: None 2.5 Credits                           

    Advertising and Promotion allow students to take a walk through the advertising business world.  Everybody recognizes the NIKE "Swoosh" and McDonald's "golden arches." In this course, students learn to appreciate the skills needed to secure market information, develop budgets, price advertising services, and evaluate promotional campaigns.