• The 2023 summer has come to an end with many of the department's projects completed on time. Looking forward to the summer of 2024 to continue upgrading and renovating our buildings. 


    • Roof Replacement (Underway) 
    • Pre-School Playground Install 
    • Fencing repair and install 
    • Parking lot expansion (Completed)
    • HVAC Bacnet Controls Upgrades


    • Roof Replacement (Summer 2024) 

    High School

    • RTU replacements (Summer 2024)
    • Airedale Replacement (Completed)
    • Flooring Renovations (Completed)
    • Exhaust Fan Upgrades (Underway)
    • Fencing upgrade and replacement (Completed)
    • Track Replacement (Underway)
    • HVAC Bacnet Upgrade (Completed)
    • Gym floor refinishing (Completed)

    Middle School 

    • RTU installs (Completed) 
    • Classroom Painting (Completed)


    • APR HVAC Upgrade (Planning) 
    • Airedale Replacement (Completed)
    • Upgrading univents to BACnet system (Completed)
    • Classroom Painting (Completed)
    • Terrazo floor refinishing 
    • A/C Install (Underway) 


    • Pre-School Playground Install 
    • Fencing Install (Completed)
    • A/C Install (Completed)