• The purpose of this first formal year of a child's education is to provide opportunities for students to learn social and academic skills.  Both are equally important throughout school and life.  Some of the classroom behaviors that are essential to learning are as follows: listening, following directions, sharing, turn-taking, and respecting others and property.  Even those children who possess some of those skills need to learn how to apply them in this new setting.  Students also begin to acquire the ability to speak and read in front of a group.  All these behavioral skills, and others as well, are taught and consistently reinforced during the Kindergarten year.  This instruction takes place naturally within the regular lessons.  Art and Music fill the classrooms as expressions of learning and self-awareness.

    The academic emphasis in Kindergarten is placed on literacy in both Language Arts and Mathematics.  This is the foundation year for all to come.  The term, "readiness," often used to describe this process is accurate; however, Kindergarten goes far beyond that stage for learners.  The Jefferson Township School District curriculum is based upon the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.  These standards prescribe the specific learning outcomes in Language Arts and Mathematics for each grade level, beginning with Kindergarten.  Specific units of study in Social Studies and Science are also included in our district's curriculum.  The Jefferson Township Public School curriculum provides the instructional objectives that are set for each student.  The student's progress is measured according to achievement of these academic goals and also the expected behavioral/social skills.  At parent-teacher conferences, and with report cards, the student's progress is reported to parents.

    Kindergarten is a special time and place in a child's life.  We keep that as a most important consideration.