Course Descriptions


    Prerequisite:  IEP Required, teacher recommendation

    Grades:  9, 10, 11 and 12

    This course is designed to provide comprehensive study skills instruction such as decision making, critical thinking, and self-management skills applied to content area courses with the goal of creating a self-monitoring student able to problem solve, analyze and apply knowledge across the curriculum.


    Prerequisite:  IEP Required

    Grades:  10 and 11

    This course provides students with the opportunity to reinforce independent living, personal/social skills and career education skills.  Practical units of study such as banking, budgeting, preparing for a job, interviewing, completing job applications, and communication skills etc. are content areas emphasized.  Practical lessons and experiential learning activities address functional community skills that are presented both in the classroom and in the community through real life experiences.  Attention is also given to academic skills, communication skills, social skills, vocational skills and self-determination skills.



    Prerequisite:  SLE teacher/coordinator recommendation, IEP Required

    Grades:  11 and 12

    This SLE is developed in accordance with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and School to Work initiatives. This program includes the teaching of skills that can be transferred to the workplace; the readiness skills necessary for students to explore careers, choose employment of interest, apply for positions and help sustain good work performance upon entering the workforce.  Students will have an opportunity to develop good work skills, attitudes and behaviors with special focus on following directions, attention to tasks at hand and the ability to cooperate with co-workers.  Students will be guided through the process through the collective efforts of school administration, teaching staff, CST, family and community.  The course content includes career exploration and preparation; social and individual well-being; awareness of child labor law as appropriate; business writings, interviewing techniques; on-the-job scenarios and discussion seminar; communication skills; appropriate employment decorum and dress; consumer and practical math instruction and contain computer literacy components.

    As students explore their interests and the world around them, they will learn to appreciate diversity, develop tolerance and work collaboratively as they become positive, productive members of society.