• Full-Day Public Preschool

    The Jefferson Township Board of Education was recently awarded additional grant funding enabling the further expansion of preschool services for children in our school district. Children who are three or four years old before October 1, 2023 and reside in Jefferson Township are eligible for the program. This funding allows our district to increase the number of students in a full-day preschool program at no cost to parents.

    If you are interested in your child attending the full-day program five days a week, please complete the application no later than May 15, 2023.

    Students who are currently enrolled in our preschool program are guaranteed a spot next year. Any child not already enrolled in the district’s preschool program who meets the above criteria will be entered into a lottery system due to the limited number of seats we have available. Parents will be notified by May 30, 2023 if their child is selected to participate in the program.  Any child not selected for the program will remain on a waiting list in the event there is an opening in the future.