• Why is Jefferson planning to reconfigure the district?

    Student enrollment in Jefferson schools has been on a steady decline, over 26% since 2009. In order to maintain and expand our offerings of AP and other specialized courses in the upper grades, it is necessary to increase the student population in these buildings to fully leverage our resources, staff, and master schedules.

    At Risk Electives

    Wait, I thought this was all because of the expanded preschool program?

    The expanded preschool program is its own entity, has its own budget, and does not negatively affect the upper grades in any way. We are excited to welcome these new students to the Falcon Family. Reconfiguring will only enhance educational offerings for these children as they move through our schools.

    Who’s moving where?

    The Reconfigure Plan involve relocating the fifth grade classes at both Arthur Stanlick and White Rock Elementary Schools to JTMS.

    Grade Movement

    • Alleviates overcrowding at Stanlick and White Rock.
    • Stabilizes student populations at JTMS and JTHS.
    • The Fifth Grade self-contained model breaks down the scale of the larger building for younger students while providing the collaborative benefits of a consolidated student body and optimized staff.

    When is the change happening?

    The district has been planning for this inevitable change for many months. We could be prepared to implement our redistricting plan as soon as Fall 2024.

    However, after careful consideration of various factors, including budgetary prioritizations and community feedback, the Board of Education has scheduled the reconfiguration for the 2025-2026 school year.

    This is not an easy task. The combination of S-2 budget cuts and the current inefficiency of our master schedule compound to present the following challenges:

    • Arthur Stanlick and White Rock Schools will be operating at maximum capacity.
    • Fewer sections of lower-enrollment electives will be offered in 2024-2025.
    • Projects such as scheduled WiFi upgrades and other infrastructure improvements will be put on hold until after the move.
    • Department budgets will be extremely tight, limiting spending on professional development, curriculum writing, textbooks, and instructional software.

    We are making the decision to stretch our dollars to buy more time. 

    By scheduling the redistricting for September 2025, we gift ourselves the luxury of time to address the following:

    • Curriculum realignment plan.
    • Transportation optimization, taking into consideration the age ranges and supervision of students.
    • Optimization of staff schedules.
    • Reorganization of buildings, classrooms, furniture, and materials.