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Substitute Teacher Rate Increase

11/22/2022 12:00:00 PM


LAKE HOPATCONG, NJ: In response to the nation-wide teacher shortage crisis, Jefferson Township Public Schools is announcing an increase in pay for substitute teachers. Substitutes can now make up to $175/day to work in Jefferson.


The JTBOE approved a tiered pay schedule for substitutes based on accrued full days worked in a single school year. The new pay rate, effective 11/22/2022, is as follows:



Substitute Teacher Daily Pay Rate (effective 11/22/22-6/30/23)

Days begin to 

accumulate 11/22/22.

Two (2) half days accrue to one (1) full day.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3


1-10 accrued 

full days worked

11-20 accrued 

full days worked

21+ accrued 

full days worked

Full Day




Half Day (4 hours)





“Like every other school district in our country, we are experiencing staff shortages and facing challenges with retaining quality substitutes in our classrooms,” Jeanne Howe, Superintendent said. “We hope this new pay structure will encourage substitutes in our community to choose to work in Jefferson, providing more familiarity and continuity of learning for our students.”


Long Term Substitutes, meaning a substitute who works for 21+ consecutive days in the same coverage position, are paid $200/diem. The rate for Long Term Substitutes bumps to $279.38/diem after 60 consecutive days in the same position.


This increase pays substitutes in Jefferson up to 60% more than the previous, still competitive, $110/diem rate. The district hopes that the rate will incentivize quality substitutes in the area to choose to be a regular part of the Falcon Family.


Click Here to complete an application and begin the process of becoming a substitute teacher.