Reasons for the assignment of homework

  • Acquire home study techniques and the ability to work independently
  • Make-up work due to absence
  • Work that can be done more effectively at home (projects, reports on special events on radio or TV, etc.            
  • Need for extra study or drill in a subject area

Time allotments
            It is not possible to dictate or predetermine homework time allotments for given grades.  The classroom teacher has the insight and knowledge to determine pupil needs.  The nature and type of assignment is within the teacher’s scope of responsibility.
            All pupils beginning at the Kindergarten level should have homework experiences during each school week because homework is an integral part of the total school program.   The following time allotments are suggested:

  • Grade K – Homework should be given occasionally and should not exceed 15 minutes daily
  • Grade 1-3 – Homework should be chosen carefully and should not exceed one half hour per evening
  • Grade 4 – Homework should not exceed three quarters of an hour per evening
  • Grade 5 – Homework should not exceed one hour per evening

            These time allotments are not to be considered as maximum requirements.  Selected pupils may require more or less time. Guidelines do not attempt to limit in any way the teacher guided enrichment of the program when that is desirable.  Homework assignments should be avoided on Fridays and/or special occasions (i.e. Holidays).

Nature of assignments
Assignments should involve only material on which the child can work independently.
Homework should not require teaching by parents, but may involve help from them.
Research should not require the use of resources not readily available at home (unless materials are available on a take-home basis).
Requirements must be clearly understood by all pupils.