Middle School

Purpose of homework

  • In order that a pupil may progressively acquire home study techniques, and develop ability for the type of independent work which becomes more and more essential as she/he progresses through the grades
  • As a means of “making-up” work lost because of absence
  • To permit work that can be done more effectively at home than at school
  • To meet the need for extra study or drill in an area where a pupil is having difficulty

Amount of homework
It is most difficult to pre-determine time allotments for given grades for only the classroom teacher has the insight and knowledge of the need of his/her pupils. The nature of, and type of home assignments given, is therefore within the teacher’s scope of responsibility.  ALL pupils should have homework experiences during each school week.

It is anticipated that homework will be given at least three times per week for an average of one half hour each evening in each subject. Individual pupils may require more or less time. This guide- line does not attempt to limit in any way the teacher’s guided enrichment of the program when it is desirable.

Extended Absence for Non-Medical Reasons
In the case of a planned extended absence, homework will be assigned only on material that has been taught.  In the elementary and middle schools, teachers may suggest student activities that are related to the trip.  For example, a travel journal, or a series of letters based on the student’s travel experiences might be appropriate.