High School

Homework serves as an integral part of the classroom work and is considered to be a part of the student’s total performance.
It is difficult to determine time allotments for assignments.  Only the content area teacher has the knowledge and insight of student needs.  The nature and type of homework assignment given is therefore within the teacher’s scope of responsibility.

Typical homework assignments

  • Continue work started in class
  • Read textbooks, novels, short stories, essays, biographies, reference materials, and magazine articles to be used in reports
  • Write themes, compositions, and science experiments from notes
  • Review lesson to be sure the main points are mastered in preparation for tests
  • Drill on fundamental skills of any particular subject
  • Research on long-term projects, with periodic progress reports to help students budget their time
  • Edit themes and write in final form
  • Memorize poetry, plans, speeches, foreign language vocabularies, and evaluate mathematical theories and formulas
  • Listen to radio programs, forums, concerts, and other programs related to class work
  • Observe and obtain ideas from field trips, plays, TV programs in the fields of art, music, history, civics and public speaking, on which students turn in evaluations to the teacher
  • Interview and gather information from authoritative sources
  • Other activities may include art or craft projects, notebooks, maps, industrial arts projects, participation in home-making activities, etc.