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    Welcome to the Jefferson Township Public Schools Guidance and Counseling Department's home page. 

    In all of our schools, your child is our first priority.  Each counselor is dedicated to fostering, in every student, a sense of commitment to self and community and a firm desire to reach their goals.  As children move through the stages of development, they need the support of adults at home and at school to assist them in their efforts to become self-directed students and sound decision makers.  The choices they make impact many areas, such as: friendships, peer groups, activities and sports, career paths and colleges.  The school counselors offer guidance and counseling as children move through the maze of maturation.  At each level, our counselors are ready and willing to help students link their values, interests, skills, and abilities to their life/career goals. Success in this endeavor can only be achieved through teamwork, individual effort, professional support, and a willingness to put the child first. 

    The counselors are professionally trained to assist students and parents with the many personal issues that they may face in today's fast-paced world.  In this respect, the counselors are both proactive and reactive.  Personal counseling is at the heart of what we do and the impact we can have is far-reaching. 

    We have a comprehensive guidance and counseling program in the Jefferson Township Public Schools and this website has been developed for the benefit of parents, students, teachers, and administrators.  Although the information is readily available here, the internet should never take the place of personal interaction with school counselors.  Parents and students are encouraged to visit the guidance office often and develop a relationship with their school counselor.  These professionals make a difference in the lives of the children of Jefferson Township each and every day.

    Thank you for your support and interest in our school district and our students.


    Ms. Josephine Ramirez
    Supervisor of Student Personnel Services


Contact Information

  • Josephine Ramirez

    Supervisor of Student Personnel Services
    District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
    Jefferson Township High School
    1010 Weldon Road
    Oak Ridge, NJ  07438

    Lyndsay Vesia

    (LTR: Adriana Salerno-
    Anti-Bullying Specialist

    Jefferson Township High School
    1010 Weldon Road
    Oak Ridge, NJ 07438

    Karen Roccisano
    Anti-Bullying Specialist

    Jefferson Township Middle School
    1000 Weldon Road
    Oak Ridge NJ 07438

    Theresa Eskow
    Anti-Bullying Specialist

    White Rock Elementary School
    2 Francine Place
    Oak Ridge, NJ  07438
    Gina Santini
    Anti-Bullying Specialist

    Stanlick - 1218 E. Shawnee Trail,      Wharton, NJ

    Liz West
    Anti-Bullying Specialist

    Briggs Elementary School
    1 Jefferson Drive
    Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849

    Dana Williams
    Anti-Bullying Specialist

    Cozy Lake Elementary School
    185 Cozy Lake Road
    Oak Ridge, NJ  07438


  • Special Announcement:
    Any student who is displaced or homeless, please contact the district liaison, Josephine Ramirez at (973) 697-3535 ext 5835 for assistance.

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