• Delayed Openings:

    All bus stop times will be 2 hours after the scheduled pick up time. (For example: If your child's bus stop is 7:30 am on a usual day, the new pickup time would be 2 hours later at 9:30 am).

    Early Dismissal:

    The following are the times for the different buildings on a Preschool-12th grade early dismissal:

    • JTHS & JTMS: 12:30 pm........................usual dismissal 2:15 pm
    • Stanlick & Briggs: 1:25 pm..................usual dismissal 2:55 pm
    • Cozy Lake/White Rock: 1:20 pm.........usual dismissal 2:50 pm

    **If it takes your child 15 minutes to get to their bus stop on a regular day, then the time would now be 15 minutes from the early dismissal times above. (For instance, if you have a Stanlick student who is usually dismissed at 2:55 pm, and it takes 15 mins to get home, then the drop off would be 3:10 pm. On an early dismissal day, 15 minutes from 1:25 pm would be 1:40 pm).

    Parent/Teacher Conferences:

    The following are the times for a Preschool-5th grade early dismissal for parent/teacher conferences:

    • Stanlick & Briggs:             1:10 pm
    • Cozy Lake/White Rock:    1:05 pm

    Example: Please use the same calculations as above.