Student Medical Alert


    Med Alert Image


    In a continuing effort to safeguard our children, procedures have been established and training has been provided to our drivers for students who are at risk for anaphylaxis, seizures, or other serious medical conditions.

    Parents are encouraged to update their student’s information in RealTime (student database) or with the school nurse with the most updated information.  Once the information is entered in the system (RealTime) it will stay with your child’s record for as long as they are enrolled in our school system. 

    On a yearly basis the school nurse will update and notify Transportation of those students who may experience a life threatening medical emergency.

    Drivers are trained on confidentiality and informed of medical information so that the driver may be aware of any difficulties the child may experience during the ride to and from school. 

    IMPORTANT:  If you request it, students can be moved closer to the front of the bus so the driver can keep a closer eye on them.  All drivers have been instructed of the emergency procedures to be followed.  It is our intention to provide a safe and least restrictive environment for our students with medical issues.

    We appreciate the parents' cooperation in this matter.