For Substitutes

  • Please contact the Human Resources Office to obtain a package to become a substitute teacher.  If you are already a substitute in another district, please forward a resume and a copy of your teaching or substitute certificate to our office. Please reach out to Jennifer Renninger ( for assistance.

    Once you have been appointed by the Board of Education, you will receive information regarding AESOP, our district absence management program. Please log on to AESOP and update your preferences as soon as possible.  Check your preferences for the schools that you want to work in.  Also, block out any days that you are unavailable to work.  Please confirm that AESOP has your correct phone number and e-mail address.  Also, update the time that you would like to be called for substitue jobs, teh night before or the day of the job.

    Remember, as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), your available hours to work are limited.  AESOP is pre-programmed to keep you under the limit.  However, in order for us to properly track your hours, you must adhere to payroll cut-off dates and submit your timesheet online within the 30 day time period of your last assignment.

    Finally, all substitutes in our district must complete on-line training to be a substitute in our district. Training videos will be made available through GCN Training.


    Please use the following link to apply ON-LINE for a substitute teaching certificate: