• Physical Screening
    Physical examination by the student's family health care provider or medical home is required for all students entering Kindergarten and transfer students, as well as students engaging in interscholastic sports. This physical must be performed within 365 days from the first day of school and must be provided to the school nurse within 30 days of enrollment. A physical is recommended annually and particularly at grades three, six, and ten. School nurses conduct a variety of other screenings (as required by law); however, they are not meant to take the place of examinations by your personal physician.

    Heights &Weights
    Completed annually for all students.

    Vision Screening
    Completed biennially for all students in Kindergarten through tenth grade and any students referred to the school nurse. 

    Hearing Screening
    Completed annually for all students in Kindergarten through third, seventh, and eleventh grades, as well as any other students referred to the school nurse.

    Scoliosis Screening
    As mandated by the State Department of Health, it will be conducted biennially by the school nurse on all students between ten and eighteen years of age.

    Mantoux Tuberculosis Test
    A Mantoux skin test is required of students transferring from certain foreign countries. Kindergarten children who were born in certain foreign countries must have had a tuberculosis test before school entry. There are some exceptions to these rules; contact your school nurse for further information.

    (Head Lice) Parents are urged to check their children regularly for head lice, and especially after any vacations, sleepovers, camping experiences, etc. Please report any infestation to your school nurse. Children who have had head lice must be examined by the school nurse before they are readmitted to school to ensure that they have been adequately treated. Please click the links below for more information.

    CDC -Head Lice