• Overview

    School nurses are often the first and sometimes only school staff members with knowledge of families in need of assistance. The Internet provides access to many available resources and the nursing staff may be able to direct your search in the right direction.

    Medical Care

    The private medical provider is the student's "medical home" and ought to be the primary provider for medical treatment. Any other referrals should originate from this facility or doctor.

    Emergency Care

    For any and all emergency care, 9-1-1- should be utilized to transport someone to the nearest emergency room.

    Social Services

    All counties in New Jersey have Welfare and Social Service Boards. Many municipalities have this service as well. In Jefferson, please contact the Municipal Building at 973-697-1500. 

    NJ Family Care

    Free or low cost health insurance may be available if you qualify. Browse:

    Free And Reduced Lunch

    Applications are provided to all families at the beginning of each school year. However, if your personal circumstances change, feel free to contact the Board Office for another application.

    Pediculosis (Lice) 

    There are multiple prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, and treatment salons that are available for the treatment of lice. Please discuss with your child's physician/practitioner the best treatment for your child. 


    Local or county health departments often offer free or low-cost immunization programs for those without insurance. The Rockaway Health Department provides this service for Jefferson Township residents. They may be reached at 973-983-2848 / 973-983-2849 or

    Dental Clinics

    Often, local hospitals or low-cost clinics are available for children who do not have a private dental health care provider. Dental schools such as UMDNJ-Newark may also offer a low-cost clinic.